Motivational addition, my elective coursework in Aviation Management has



Dear Admissions Counselor,

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First of all, let me introduce myself,
I am Suleman Riaz and I am from Sialkot, Pakistan.  I have done with my BS in Aviation
Management. The degree I am done with including 60 percent of Aviation course
and 40 percent of management.  I am
extremely interested in Tourism Management. My hobbies are relating to gym and
boxing, because I love to face difficulties and love to solve them in positive
manners. I have experience of job in management department and have good skills
in communication.

I am a devoted and ambitious student
as well all time ready to take challenges, and I will see it through to
success, and that’s why I would like to study further at university to increase
my and skills and knowledge as well. I have a heat for the market and I am
great on taking a Tourism course that is management based. I have a heat for
management, leadership, languages and destination development.

Tourism Management is definitely the
career I want to pursue. Work on my dissertation on this point has involved
extensive research, hypothesis formulation, hours of analysis, and team
collaboration with my mentor. I understand this process is not unlike the Tourism
project cycle. In addition, my elective coursework in Aviation Management has
increased my interest and honed my skills in the Tourism business arena.  A series of conversation with consultants and
tourists at different airports has confirmed that Tourism Management is the
right career for me.  I am applying for
my International Tourism Management course because I find that they fit magnificently
into my career path, and also because I believe that this course will excite
and challenge me, and also help me to range my potency. My desire to germinate
not only as a student but also as a single person. I want to be component of a
university that fully help and encourage its students and also promote
excellence. I want to be a successful; I want to expand my potential. It is my
desire to go to university for further studies, and to achieve independency in
my studies. I do not want to be average like others, I do not believe in rat
race and just being average student or an average professional. I want to ascension
my aims and achieve goals which my mind never thinks to achieve. From child, I
have a vision about being a leader or a manager. Because of my travelling with
my parents and friends all around the Pakistan I had the chance to met
different cultures of a country, in those tour I tried to be a guide of others
and I had graze of exposure more than others I think so. My desire about this
field is to grow this field in my country and give others a right path about
this field, and help others by true information and experience of Tourism.

I totally agree that how challenging and
thought-provoking this course will be, as Tourism is an market or a industry
that will never always stays the same; it is forever changing and radiate. I
want to set up myself as best as I can for a successful future within the
industry. I find and honestly, believe that by taking admission and going to
the university, this will help me to do what I really want to do. Tourism is a field,
which is growing very fast everyone in this world want to explore the beauty of
nature and some want to visit historical places. There are places in different areas
of work. My willingness to learn and explore will help me to have an exposure
of world and also up to date to my field. Another significant feature for a Tourism
manager is admiration curiosity. If you have ability to covers many areas you
can have a chance to make and use new programs design for tourist which will
enhance your market value and business as well. Being a creative is my strength
and main power, which I proved at former job. 6 months internship in a SevenHills
gave me perceptivity of work of manager, that how to manage people and your
services and how to communicate with your customers. Although, from my previous
work I pick up knowledge not only of customer services but also of management
and marketing as well. Tourism manager must be an innovative and curios to develop
the new programs for tourism at appropriate time. My willingness to get
information all about relating to field of tourism will ensure me to get a
chance to improve my abilities and more reasonable belief for those abilities.

In my previous studies I have learnt
many things through meetings, which taught me how to be a leader of team and
how to work well with in team and with single member as well. I have use to
give presentation, which has taught me how to communicate appropriately and
effectively to listeners and how to satisfy them with my statements. I
regularly participate in class discussions and in class assignments and
projects as well. I am really dependable and I am committed to my commitments and
pay concentration to my education.

Apart from my studies I am interested
in different types of sports events like chess, boxing, wrestling. I have taken
part in every event of my college and continue to engage myself with these
types of activities, I am a sports man and this thing helps me a lot in
different scenarios like help me to built confidence in my abilities and give
me motivation to do difficult task. Chess taught me too many challenging phases
and help me out to find way to how to overcome traps and difficulties in
positive manner. Boxing and wrestling also help me to fight with person how
more skills have then me. Furthermore, I have taken part in NGO training
session regarding peace.

Although, I do not have the experience
of International travelling, because I only did it domestically and I want to
explore world and want to have a experience of international travelling. That’s
why I am applying to your university to get chance of international travelling
and improve my skills relating to that field as well.

I am looking forward to university
life and all it has to offer. I am talkative person and really enjoy the
company of new people and really want to meet new people from all over the world.
I am a person who believes to promote sociability and communal activities. I want
to join some clubs in future to enhance my social activities and it will help
me to adopt new hobbies hopefully. I want to take advantages of social
activities and other stuff offering by university. I am optimistic; expecting positively
all the time, and search for positive paths. I am reliable and civilized. I
want to meet people from all over the world having different cultures. I can
speak read and write fluently in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi which I feel
will assist me in the future.

Your institute appeals and attracts me
for a number of reasons. I am extremely interested in the Student life of your
institute that is particularly strong. My brother is an exporter of surgical
instruments in all over the world, one of his customers is live in Finland and
that person also recommends us for your university. Finally, I have been
incredibly impressed with all of the consultants I have spoken with from your
institute; each person is bright yet humble, passionate yet and good-natured
especially “Sir Juho”. I would be thrilled to join your institute. I personally believe that to be a student of your university would not
only endue my career development, but also helps me and encourage me to
have full access on my abilities and reach my potential.

I think I am sufficiently valuable student
in university to justify the investment of time and interest because I am
motivated to be a successful; I have got a heat to learn and develop new skills.
I regularly hit deadlines and I always come into class with an attitude of
readiness and willingness to learn.  Please
give me chance to prove myself.

I have enclosed my resume. I very much
appreciate your time and considerations, and I hope to hear from your team in
the near future regarding the success of my application.

Yours sincerely,

Suleman Riaz.