Monsoon wedding Essay

In the movie Monsoon Wedding, there were many examples of Indian culture and how things were done there and the way that they differ from our culture. The sociological theory that best explains the way that society functions in this movie is the symbolic interaction theory. Symbolic interaction is shown by the example of how Ria is unmarried and wants to go to college which is against the norm of society, she is the symbol of the western type of life and shows how India is beginning to move towards that.

Another example is how Aditi and Ria’s uncle was kissing his nieces and how veryone viewed it to be wrong because family is not supposed to do that, and how Aditi’s father functioned as the protector, father role of the family when he asked his brother to leave. The last example of symbolic interaction in the movie was the role of Aditi’s fianc©, Hermant, and how he assumed the role Of her husband and viewed her as a wife even though the hardly knew each other, and forgave her for her actions.

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The other two sociology theories cannot explain the movie as well as symbolic interaction can. Conflict theory s unable to address the issues in this movie because there isn’t a real example of the elite powering over and controlling the rest of the population besides the instance of Aditi’s father controlling and treating Dubey the event manager poorly.

Structural functionalism can in a way explain Aditi’s father and how he protected the family and his girls by telling his brother, Tej Uncle, to leave because his role was required in order for the family to survive and stay together, but nothing else can be explained as well by structural functionalism as it can through symbolic interaction. The first example of how symbolic interaction can be used to explain a situation in the movie is when talking about the attitude of Aditi’s cousin Ria.

Ria’s goals consist of going off to school in America and she is not rushing around to get married like all of her family. Ria’s views are looked down upon by her family because it is against the norm of their culture, where the best thing a woman can do for herself is marry well. This is an example of symbolic interaction because although she is not viewed as a symbol of the ideal Indian woman with and Indian woman’s goals, but she is instead a ymbol of western culture and it shows how western culture has begun to infiltrate their society.

Her actions are deviant and she receives many negative sanctions from her family such as everyone always asking her why she is not yet married, and being disappointed that she is not living up to what they feel is best for her. Her deviance could possibly come from the fact that she lived with her aunt and uncle instead of with her parents so it is possible that she learned to deviate by feeling like she wasn’t fully a part of the family that raised her.