Mentoring introductory video explaining the purpose and instructions for


Political skill impacts leadership and
individual’s capacity to explore organizational legislative
issues, organizing capacity, interpersonal abilities, stress level, performance assessment
and social capital in the work environment. The article analyses the relation
between the mentor and the nurses and how the mentors help them learn the
political skills to achieve success. To achieve the success, Mentor/protégé is
important as he/she is the one who can help them guide the path through their
Doctor in Nurse Practice or Doctorate in Philosophy. Mentors help the nurses
understand the organization and its structure in a better way and help the
nurses in career development.

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In these changing world, political skills are important to
learn as it helps in developing the critical thinking skills, social skills as
well as help in managing the complex work environments and the patients. Nurse
leaders are required in the healthcare industry as the organization is complex
and the chronic diseases and illness suffered by the patient is stressful which
will make the patients little cranky and concerned with lot of questions and
political skills will be helpful for the nurses to deal with the patients and
calm them down by giving them personal and emotional guidance.

The article did a cross functional research on the web survey
where they posted a 90 second introductory video explaining the purpose and instructions
for the survey. The survey used 6-point Likert scale. 115 people participated
in the survey, where 64% had a mentor and 36% did not have any mentor. The
proteges responded that 81% of the mentors were from the academic setting and
91% of them had more than 16 years of work experience.  In the mentoring questions the highest
subscale was role modeling and the lowest score was friendship.  For political skills 64% gave themselves an
average rating and 36% gave high rating for political skills.

According the survey if the mentor and protégé relation is
formal then the protégé won’t be able to learn the political skills as in the
formal setting the protégé will observe the mentor and not communicate with
them as the communication will be through phone, mail, or formal meeting.
Interpersonal and political skills can only be enhanced and improved if the relation
of mentor and protégé is   supporting
friendship as it is said advice without friendship feels cold.  The protégé will feel safe and open in the
supportive environment leading to positive and effective interpersonal exchange
of skills and ideas.

healthcare industry has ha higher demand for the nurse leaders who have good
political and interpersonal skills, enabling them to know how to handle the
situations and act with sincerity with the patients and family and use the
power subtly and gently. Political skills are most essential for the nurses as they
must enhance their networking abilities, interpersonal influences, and social skills
to achieve both organizational and personal career goals.