Mental the act of putting a body net on

Mental heath is the state of an individuals wellbeing.
Patients who have a metal illness must be treated with care and gentles and
kept a close eye one to ensure they don’t injure themselves or worse commit
suicide. A type of care a mentally ill patient would need is acute care .In a
acute mental hospital the patients will be given medical care for a short
period of time. They are also given therapy. The aim of acute hospitalization
is to help the patients from harming others and themselves. After they get
better they can return to their homes. If an Individual believes they may have
a mental illness or their family members believe they do, then they must refer
to the mental heath act.  When patients
are put into a hospital its essential that they are taken care of correctly and
not abused as the point of the individual being hospitalized is for them to
heal and have a better state of mind which will help them have a greater chance
at life. It also important that restraint is not used on them.

Restraint is the act of keeping an individual under
control. The main types of restraint used in hospitals are physical restraint, chemical
restraint, mechanical restraint, Technological surveillance and Psychological
restraint. Nurses may feel the need to restraint patients who are being
difficult or have a mental health problems in order to have power over them and
to get them to behave correctly. An example of physical restraint is when the
rails of the patients bed are pulled up so that they cannot get out easily and
decrease their risk of falling out. Another example of physical restraint is
putting special mittens on a patient to ensure or stop them from pulling out
their endotracheal  and nasojejunal tubes.
An example of a chemical restraint is using special medication which helps keep
the patients behaviour under control and to restrict their movements.An example
of mechanical restraint is the act of putting a body net on a patient this will
stop them from moving and injuring themselves as well as other indivduals.An
example of technological surveillance is putting surveillance cameras in evry
room of each patinets so that the staff can be aware and see what happens when
they aren’t in the room.An example of physciolocal restarit is when a staff
menebr such as a nurse has to epeatdly a patient not to carry out a particular
activity which may not be allowed in the hospital and could cause them to have

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Although restraint can be effective for patients who are
difficult to deal with and do not respond well through communication. They also
have a negative impact on the patients as they may feel embarrassed and scared from
being held down by several staff members. They could feel restricted from being
tied up constantly. It’s also a risk to tie patients to their beds as when they
try to escape from what they believe is a trap could cause them to fall and
injure themselves which has physical risk as it can cause them to get cuts and
bruises. In addition to this they could also become depressed from being
isolated every single day. They could also get stiffness from not being able to
move about or be free like other patients. Restraint can also cause patients to
get anger and agitated from being treated badly which in turn causes them to
have trust issues with others due to their personal experience with other
people. The benefits of patients being allowed more freedom are endless. The
patient will be happier as they are able to interact with others and it gives
them a chance to socialise  and possibly
make friends.It is  important that staff
realise that mental heath patients are human beings with emotions and
feelings.Another benefit is the patients will be healthier and will not feel
stiffness in their  body due to them
being allowed to walk around freely.