Men problem, they do not like asking for advice

and women are human beings that live together in this world. They are unique
and completely different. During the last fifty years, psychologists have made
us believe that the differences between men and women are mainly the result of
traditional social conditioning. In addition, based on the scientific research,
gender differences exist because men’s and women’s brains work completely
different and their biological differences mean that they can never think or
behave in the same way. They have differences, such as the characteristics,
abilities, and jobs.

two sides of a woman’s brain are better connected. Women are generally more
talkative and more fluent than men. Women speak 6.800 words a day, and men only
2.400. When men have a problem, they do not like asking for advice or
discussing their problem. They try to solve their problems by thinking about
them silently. They try to keep calm in every situation. In contrast, women
solve their problem by talking about them, and in crisis will discuss the
situation and their feelings to another. Women are more talkative than men and
often talk about business, fashion, online shopping, etc.

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a house involves doing several things at the same time and women’s brains make
them better than men. Men’s brains programmed to focus on one specific task.
For instance, when the men do their assignments, they only focus on their work.
They cannot do the activities simultaneously. For example, when they sweep the
floor, they cannot cook at the same time. In contrast, the women developed more
connections between the two sides of the brain, which led to them being a focus
on some things and better at doing several things at once. For example, when
women cook, they can make a coffee, wash up, make toast, take a phone, sweep
the floor, etc.

different skill causes the different jobs. They have different jobs because of
their biological differences. Men are attracted to careers where spatial skills
are vital, such as engineering, architecture, construction, etc. Men like the
risky and frightening work, such as a doctor, driver, soldier, etc. On the
other hand, women’s jobs are claimed to reflect women’s natural qualifications
in requiring less strength, more dexterity, less emotional stability, and in
involving less risk for potential spring. Women are attracted to professions
that require verbal ability, such as writing, acting, journalism, teacher, etc.
They also like the jobs that require good organizational skills.

we see the differences and the similarities between men and women, we can see
the condition nowadays, which is the men can do women’s job, and the men can do
the women’s job. It means that both have an equal right for looking for money
or doing every job as far as they can. Men and women are a partner, so that they
can cooperate with each other to reach their destination. We are as a human
being should complete each other. We should respect the differences, and try to
make a good relationship between men and women. So, through the differences
between men and women, we can try to make our self be a better human.