media marketing plan in cooperating one yearcommunication plan with

media and networks due to their- As high street is a very competitive market so the sellers are not exclusive toone e-retailer which may lead to a price war.- Economic climate is not stable, which may lead to consumers going for acheaper online alternative.-6465MARKETINGSTRATEGY66Aim :To prepare a three year marketing plan in cooperating one yearcommunication plan with a strong focus on collaboration and social media .Objectives :- To effectively generate awareness about Little Black Dress using a combinationof promotional strategies like print advertising, digital communication, socialmedia and event launch to attain maximum coverage.- To identify potential collaborative brand ambassadors, without compromisingexisting relationships.- To encourage consumer interaction through social media content to increaseLBD’s online presence.- To affiliate LBD with key celebrities who represent and reflect brand ethics andvalues.Campaign message- The purpose of the promotional campaigne is to reienforce the core brand valuesamongst the target audience to generate awarness regarding the brand.- This aim will be achieved by utilising the current social mediaplatforms of the brand and their website,alongside a selection of innovative strategieswith an element of exlusivity .6768Promotional Tactics- This involves reviewing the customer’s interests and information, the key competitorsin the market and the technological developments in the fast fashionworld to devise an integral promotional campaign in year 1 of the marketingstrategy.A variety of marketing strategies will be proposed due to theelective nature of the target audience, to ensure that the consumer is knowledgableand aware of the brand.- To make the brand more appealing towards its target audience, Vloggers andcelebrities like Caroline Recouver, Binki Felstead will be proposed to join theLBD team to provide the customers with inspirations on their day to day wear,occasion dresses etc.- Consumers are looking for authenticity and impartiality. Celebrities, reality TVstars and influencers are easily accessible to everyone and can be inspirations fortheir sense of fashion through social media.- Celebrities like Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott and Diana Vickers will be greatbrand ambassadors for the brand due to their huge social media following andsense of fashion.- The X-factor contestant Diana Vickeras is also a fashion designer and can begreat for the brand by introducig her seasonal collection for LBD as well.- Gemma Atkinson is a British actress and ex-Glamour model, who will be agreat choice to be a part of the LBD team as their model.(refer appendix for further available options)69MARKETING PLAN703Year Marketing plan overviewYEAR 2YEAR 3- Establish theme and look of new campaigne- Inroduce new collctions and photoshoots according to thecampaigne.- Launch LBD app- Free give aways and contests to increase customerinvolvment.- Sell LBD’s collection in Debenhams- Expand to Asian countries- Pop up stores in London- Press events- Introduce Mother and kid’s range- Vintage collectionYEAR 1- Strong focus on social media and collaborations.- Introducing new brand ambassadors for LBD- Online and Offline advertising to create brand awareness.- Enhance LBD website to entice customer experiences- Press events- Advertisments in print media7172SOCIAL MEDIA&COLLABORATIONS7374COLLABORATIONS1. Celebrity collaboratios- Collborations are essential part to promote a brand.It is extreemly important for LBD to collaborate with people who ooze the essence ofthe brand i.e they need to be what LBD stand for – Bold, confident and empoweringwomen.- LBD has an option to collaborate with the celebrities suggested in the table on theright.(Fig.1)- The two most successful collaboration options can be with Pixie lott and JourdunDunn, due to their comparetively higher social media following and strong mediapresence.- They can be either used to be the face and promote the essence of the brand or can becollaborated with to create a personalised fashion line.- These celebs can give a ‘How to’ vedio to give advice on how they achieve theirconfident attitudes or work their looks.75NAME INDUSTRY CONTACT OVERVIEW1. GemmaAtkinsonActress TBC Gemma Atkinson is a British actress and ex-Glamour model.Social media following :Instagram – 525K followersFacebook – 130K likesTwitter – 227K followers2. Jourdun Dun Model/Actress TBC Jourdan Sherise Dunn is an English fashionmodel and actress. She was discovered inHammersmith Primark in 2006 and signed toStorm Model Management in London.Social media following –Instagram – 2.2M followersFacebook – 116K likesTwitter – 294K followers3. AlexandraBurkeSinger/Actress Ellie Fitzgerald Alexandra Burke is a British singer,songwriter and actress. Burke rose to fameafter winning the fifth series of Britishtelevision series The X Factor in 2008,becoming one of the most successful winnersof the series.Social media following :Instagram – 159K followersFacebook – 1M followersTwitter – 705K followers4. Pixie Lott Singer Lauren [email protected] Lott is a British singer and Style iconwhose clothing choices lead to sold outstock.The singer presents all the ethics of LBD girland confesses to love fashion.Social media following:Instagram – 586K followersFacebook – 2.3M likesYoutube- 413K subscribersCELEBRITY COLLABORATION OPTIONS -(Figure 1)762. Fashion bloggers collaborations- Collaboration with designers and bloggers, which can beshop on LBD’s website.- Presenting each collection with a face of their consumer will either relate to or aspireto be like.- This will help increase LBD’s consumers and reach it’s customers in a more realisticway.- Bloggers have a more personal feel to a customer than an extreemlyfamous celebrity.A list of fashion bloggers and influencers is presented with detailed social mediaanalysis.Having a mixture of collaboration will really help LBD reach all areas theirconsumers may relate to and be interested in and will also show diversityand constant innovation in LBD’s collection.1. Sandra Hagelstam’5 inch and up’3. Kaavita Donkersley’She wears fashion’2. Camille Charriere’Camille over the rainbow’77NAME OVERVIEW1. Sandra Hagelstam She is the founder of the hotfashion Shestarted blogging to create adaily log of what she wears.The Finland native enjoysphotography, fashion, and hasaspirations of being acommercial designer.90.2K 1 8 K 1 5 . 9 K2. Camille Charrière Camille Charrière is perhapsbest known for her fashionblog, Camille Over TheRainbow. She has collaboratedwith brands from H&M andChloe to Acne Studios. She hasbeen featuredin Vogue and The Wall StreetJournal and countless otherpublications.625K 29K 17.7K3. Kavita Donkersley Kavita Donkersley is known forher blog ‘She wears fashion’She started her blog when shewas 16 and has collaboratedwith brands like Lacoste, NewLook and many more.60K 19K 10.6KFASHION BLOGGER COLLABORATION7879WEBSITE &SOCIAL MEDIA80WEBSITETo-add featuresThe website will act as an interactive platform for customers to engage with thefashion bloggers.They will also have access to the LBD newsletter consisting of the top must-haves ofthe season, Brand ambassador’s ‘How to’ vedios, celebrity news and whats on redcarpet which will gain consumer attention.LBD’s website needs to have the option of ‘Wishlist’ along with fast guest checkout.In order to keep new consumers in contact, the website can offer the option to registerand get 20% off.It is extreemly important for LBd to have new campaigns and collections.Introducing new models through different collections with high quality photoshootswill help them entice customers.The website will have to upgrade on the following-• Advanced navigation and search functions• Superior photos and image optionsDetailed product description-Online retail is often about selling a story, an idea that fits the needs or current whim ofthe brand’s audience. Since online stores dont have online store attendants, so the saleitems need to have a product description that takes the place of the brand’s best salesperson. They should be described with vivid and appealing content that stimulates thebrowsers need to buy.81FACEBOOK AND TWITTERBoth of these platforms will provide commentary on the news of the day, the contentwill comprise of the ‘behind the scene’ images, information regarding the new loyaltyschemes, free give-aways and on-going contests, which will create a sense of enthusiasmtowards the events.The frequency of posts regarding the new up coming collections and campaigns willbe high in order to keep customers aware and on their toes for the same.(Little Black Dress- Twitter )(Little Black Dress- Facebook )8283INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST AND TUMBLRAs with the previous startegies, these platforms will aim to promote and complimentthe messages posted by Facebook and Twitter with cohesive visuals captured duringthe photoshoots of the new collections and campaigne.Pinterest will post details with strong visual influences of the Bloggers, Celebrity’Behind the scene’ photos and how the designers are working on their up-comingcampaigns.Tumblr will reflect on the construction phase of the new collections, press events andnew campaignesin creative and gimmicky style.LBD’s instagram account will be overtaken by Bloggers and their brand ambassadorsto go on live for a quick Q, talking about how they spend their day, taking placesetc. This will help customers feel more as a part of the brand and get an inside look.Overall, Instagram,Twitter and Tumblr will be used to build excitement by givingfollowers an exclusive vision of the brand.84EMAIL MARKETINGEmails will be sent to all customers who been signed up for LBD’s mailing list with apersonalized suggested outfit according to thier previous buyings and browsing.This will make the customer feel valued as a part of the brand.The design of the emails will be coherent to the brand’s identity and feature movingimages (gifs) to attract customer attention.The emails will encourage customers to have a look at the on-going campaigns,launches, collections and promotions.(,2017)85ADVERTISING IN PRINT MEDIA• Cosmopolitan and Glamour- The most read print media in the UK is Cosmopolitan and Glamour with 275,565 and193,721 views respectively. (,2017)Hence, LBD should advertise about ts collaborations, New campaignes and collections throughthese magazines to reach a wider audience since these magazines are the ones thatare read by theirtarget audience.(Pinterest,2018)86SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR)- It is a long term strategy to form a company’s image.- Since LBD stands for women empowerment and helping them get bold and confident,it would be great for the brand if they work with ‘The Fawcett Society’ .- The Fawcett Society is a charity campaigning for gender equality and women’srights. We’ve been advancing women’s equality since 1866 (,2018).- LBD can create new campaign collection for which every dress sold, an amountof £2 will be collected for the orgnization.878889PROMOTIONALSTRATEGY SCHEDULE90MONTH OCCASION INITIATIVE STRATEGY FREQUENCYJAN-FEB Enhance LBD website Custoer focusedCollaboration with celebrities Brand focusedPress event for Brand Ambassadors Brand focusedSocial media to promote the news Media focused Twice a day, at prime time to engage readership.Emails sent for Loyalty card registartionMarch – May women’s day Launch of new collaborated collection campaigne for women’s day Customer focusedPhotoshoot for the new campaigne to be posted on Instagram and Pinterest Media focusedSocial media – to promote new collection Media focusedFacebook, Instagram and twitter will be used to go ‘on-live’ for behind the scenes. Media focusedFor Glamour’s spring editionJune-August Advertisment in Glamour Media focused A week before the launchBehind the scene vedios for the new collection to keep customers engaged Media focusedNew collection Launch – Blogger collaboration special Brand focused Weekends for each BloggerBlogger’s take over to provide an inside look to their daily routine. Customer focusedCelebrity dressing – Alesha Dixon special appearance Customer focused Thrice a day, Prime timeRegular Social media posts Media focusedNew photoshoot – To be posted on Pinterest and Instagram Media focusedSeptember-November Launch of LBD app with virtual trialPosts for the LaunchNew collection in collaboration with The Fawcett SocietyBlack Friday Promotions + special discounts for the collectionRegular social media postsDecember Christmas Promotions for the up-coming editions for Christmas and New years Media focusedNew year Social media posts for regular updates Media focusedBoxing day Boxing day discounts and promotions Customer focusedSocial media updates for christmas and new years Media focusedTwice a day at prime time.91BUDGETINGThe estimted budget for the year is 2,00,000. The breakdown for the cost inYear 1 :BUDGET ESTIMATED COSTCOLLABORATION 70,000- CELEBRITY45,000- BLOGGERPROMOTIONAL MATERIALS 7,500ADVERTISING COSTONLINE + WEBSITE 10,000OFFLINE – PRINT MEDIA+BANNERS 15,000PRESS EVENTS 30,000FREE GIVE AWAYS + CONTESTS 15,500