MBA on Organizational Development Essay

Utopia. It means a perfect society, one that is devoid of all distraction, chaos, and disorder. Is it possible in today’s society, when war is on the roll once more between people of varying languages and cultures, when the basis for respect is if you have power, wealth, and popularity? Times like these, a utopian society may no longer come into existence, but at least, in our own humble ways, we can contribute to the realization of a community that lives up to its name–a group of people who are united in cause and faith.

This is my principle as a psychologist. I have been in the service of an educational institution for four years now as a guidance counselor. As one, I get to mingle with students, listen to their whims, their angst, and all the things that they would not tell their parents or even their peers. Come days when the students would not go to school, I double as a trainer for the teachers and the library staff. I don’t necessarily teach them the three R’s of learning, which I so believe is already their expertise. I teach them–no, I share with them–about LIFE, what it is for me, what it could be for them, how we could lead each other to grow in our lives every single day. And I’m glad to see results. Once, a high school girl came to me crying, saying she was raped by her boyfriend. I helped her recuperate. It wasn’t easy. She needs somebody to talk to all the time. After a few months, she’s moved on. Now, she is on her way to becoming a psychologist, just like me.

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This as well as other key events in my life as a psychologist inspired me to pursue a masters in business administration degree in the field of organizational development. This should allow me to bring my innate organizational and leadership capacities to full use through studies, training, and research on bringing about positive development not just in an organization as a whole, but with every individual who is part of the organization. I would like to test myself and be involved in an educational institution with people who, like me, have a passion for people and for doing things for people the humble way.

With the skills and competencies that I will be garnering from my MBA in organizational development, my goal is to get into an administrative position in the academe, specifically in organizational development. This will help me bring about my dream of a utopian society–a society that is built on love. This will also help me be at par with the successful individuals in the industry and add to that my own touch of magic–that is, humility and love.