Maternity leave the women’s did not work as they

Maternity leave is when a mother is about to have or just had a baby gets paid time off. During certain time she can prepare for labor and take care of her baby. Even though there should be a maternity leave in all the jobs, there is not. Many women are not hired in jobs just because she may get pregnant. Out of 193 countries in the United Nations, only a few do not have a  maternity leave law: New Guinea, Suriname, a few South Pacific island nations and the United States. In the 53th session of CSW stated that poor households are the most affected because the economic instability is to big. Poor households are the most vulnerable and the most affected.(CSW,2009)7/7 sentences This issue has been ongoing since the Industrial Revolution. In the 19th century, as soon as women started in factories, countries noticed they needed secure that women were able to work and raise the children. Years after that, representatives from nations met with the United Nations and reached an agreement  to target for a minimum of 14 weeks of leave, paid at two-thirds of a worker’s salary up to a cap. Today most countries meet or exceed that minimum. A few countries still do not demand paid maternity leave. (Deahl, NPR, 2016).Frances O’Grady, the general secretary of TUC, stated: “It is illegal to not give someone a job on the grounds that they may have children in the future” (The Guardian,2015).7/7 sentences Some employers answer some surveys, saying that they try to avoid hiring young women to prevent a maternity leave. Also other managers mention that a after maternity leave the women’s did not work as they used to. Plus 44 % of the managers said that financial costs of their business is a huge concern because of maternity leave. This are some of the causes of why a lot of jobs do not give maternity leave. This is a major issue for  pregnant women because they need a job in this times to maintain the baby and it can cause economic instability for the mothers. (The Guardian,2015) Also in some jobs instead of giving maternity leave without getting paid. In some cases they fire the women after giving birth, getting fired harms the mother and baby since she will not be able to get a job that easily now that she has a new born baby. 4/7 sentences As mentioned before in some countries and jobs they provide maternity leave, but not in all o them. Eighty-eight percent of women in US do not get paid when they have a kid. One of the three countries that does not guarantee paid time off for new mothers is the US. The medical leave act guarantees 12 weeks of unpaid leave to new parents but many women cannot afford that comfort.(The Cut Video,2016)