Materialism Essay

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing ” Nowadays the most valuable thing in the world is money; however, there are things, which are invaluable. The well -to-do people can afford to buy almost everything they wanted, even the things which no one could buy in supermarkets, for instance, a new heart, liver and so on. In the world of technological and scientific progress those things have come true. However, life’s greatest treasures are intangible and, therefore, immeasurable.

One can buy a pound of potatoes, but not a pound of happiness, or one can buy a jacket of milk, but not a packet of freedom, and so on. No one could measure, weigh, or appraise those things, as well as, no one is able to give a price to them, or buy them. Albert Einstein said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts 0. Money, the products of nourishment, possessions, clothes and so on, are material things, which can be counted and evaluated. Kindness, time, knowledge, friendship, etc. Are spiritual things, which no one could count and give price to them.

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One can only appreciate them and assess at their true value. Those values form our character and define us, make us memorable. Many famous people, for instance, the Russian writer Gorky; the Dutch painter Rembrandt and many others were always hard up. However, the material wealth was not the sense of life for them. They were aspiring to the majestic things, like art. Those people had decided what values to emphasize and use as the guiding principles of their lives. However, not everyone understands what spiritual things, like health, knowledge, passion, enthusiasm, and so on, signify in every humans life.