Many the leader of tomorrow at the moment, I

Many people believe in
better communication and promise without any action but I believe in clear
communication with action according to my words with full honesty, these three
combinations put me in each area of my life in the position of leadership and
bilateral respect.

I acquire and learn my
first leadership vision at my childhood to be a leader in future when my
grandfather is one of tribe leader and usually tell us the leader is not a boss
just order anything and the villagers’ obey it, leader is servant, provide and
do the right things for people and solve their problems and influence them by
your right activities to follow you and accept you as leader since, my
childhood I realize this sensitive issue to distinguish between leader and boss.

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My first leadership
experience come when I become second position holder of my class in high school
and the principle call, you are the student of today will be the leader of
tomorrow at the moment, I feel very pleasant the encouragement of principle
cause to promote self confidence, hard work, to be punctual, expect the best future
and plan the clear goals thereafter  taking
comprehensive note from lecturers, study hard and focus on the practical work
in many subjects this activities put me many times to teach instead of teachers
in teenage and it’s a great experience for me as leader. Over time when I enter
to the professional and social life as young there are require some different shape
of leadership and relationship in community. at this time, I realize the very
important and sensitive issue that the people don’t care about your business
they care about their problems and I think will be the solution of their
problems therefore, join atta walefare foundation with a friends to help and
support the needy people in the arena of education.

Leader will be honest
and realistic, working with Ariana Bastan construction company as finance
manager responsible to implement the 430 million Afs budget for three projects,
many people have problem at time of accountabilities to top management but for
me as honest, effective and efficient manager, with clear communication, and
carry different activities in the projects become very simplify and transparent
to provide and give accountabilities and meet top management fully and overall
satisfaction  and receive gratitude

 Absolutely, this was a significant amount of
responsibility for newcomer to handle to implement 430 millons afs budgets
project. As a finance manager, I could meet the expectations of ABCAC senior
management and overcome all the challenges at my best. The positive attitude
and interaction to engage has helped me improve and grow as a leader.

I have more than four
year experience in the field of finance presently, working as general manager
of revenue system network with ministry of finance, at revenue system
directorate. Guide, handle and lead technically 31 provinces finance
departments of Afghanistan in the section of revenue system through my best
leadership skills which I acquire in my past life.