Many know what happens in our environmentand politics or

Many nowadays are addicted
to the use of computer and many teacher are

accepting and integrating
them so they can develop their skills in computer. When it

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comes to the learning and
achievement of students in today’s technological classroom

learning environments. There
were many benefits of integrating technology in the

classroom. Instructional
technology use in higher education. It is better to use

technology nowadays because
it makes our work faster and easier especially for

teachers when they were
computing grades. Many are interested in technology like the

movie. The researchers had
all the cool gadgets used in there. It always fascinated by

others andwish that they had something like that. But
nowadays there were many

gadgets that canbe used an
alternative for computer like tablets, cellphones and

laptops. The
technologyhelped us in our daily life. It introduced the fastest way of

learning and teaching in
ourstudents, to know about the discovering historical things

like that. They have an
internetto use every where and it helps us to get an more ideas

about the topic that we want
toresearch on. An example in ICT is the projector in

school, we use projector to
discusswith whole class. By reading blogs and news, to

know what happens in our
environmentand politics or government. It saves a lot of time

in our students and
teachers. We helpfrom our friends and schoolmates to learn in a

collaborative environment.
Someresearchers shows that the teachers know their

content and pedagogy, but
when it comes to technology, teachers often learn along with

students. For example,
According to Lynette (2004), also prove that the effective of

integration of technology is
the resultof many factors, but the most important factor is

the teachers competence and
ability toshape instructional technology activities when

they needed the students to
findout what students need in there technology. Using

computers helps teacher in
our daily life,instead do writing on a board, we can use

projectors, powerpoint
presentation organizetheir lessons, the instructors or a student

takes notes in computer and
projects this onto screen so the whole class can see this.

Beginning teachers need to
know how to usetechnology in easiest and fastest ways in

learning progress. Russell
and Romeo (2001)shows that indicates the relationships of

students in using technology
in the classroomis a complex process that includes in

learning the process of
technology, by usingtechnologies in teaching process and

integrating technology to
exhance studentlearning. Technology changed the way the

students learn and the way
the teacherteach. Thus, this study is conducted. The results

of this study will hopefully
give peopleideas on what lived experienced of ICT teachers

does for them. The purpose
of thisresearch is to determine the lived experienced of ICT

teachers and their
personalreasons. Also we conducted this study because most of our

ICT teachers are using
technology to the students.


This study answer the following

1.    What challenges do they encounter in their teaching in


2.    How ICTs in school affects future employment?


3.    What effects of ICT in their teachers?


The instructional technology
research has focused on the pedagogical benefits of

instructional technology and
the factors that influence the adoption of instructional

technology by faculty. Some
researchers shows that the they were not comfortable with,

and knew how to use.
Georgina and Hosford (2009) found out that the significant

correlations between
technology literacy and pedagogical integration of instructional

technology. In other word,
technology were more likely to use technology in their

teaching skills than faculty
who were not comfortable with technology. The theory

involved in this study will
be Roger’s theory and subsequent models that presented in

this review do not
adequately address the faculty experienced or the component of

experience during the
adoption learning process, the social cognitive variables that

shape one’s ability to adopt the ICT but not the individual
factors that may hinder or

accelerate one’s decision or
ability to adopt technological innovation. In this study, after

the introduction, we discuss
about the theoretical framework of the study, explaining the

methodology and discuss the
result of the study.