Manipulation, was born in 1911 on March 16th. He

Manipulation, exploitation, mistreatment, disease, neglect,
corruption, starvation, abuse, and genocide are all words that only begin to
explain the Holocaust. One most likely knows of the Holocaust, or has no less
than heard of it. The Holocaust took place in World War Two and was a genocide,
a mass killing of a large group of people with a certain ethnicity, of over six
million Jews. BBC (2012) found that there were six extermination camps built by
the Nazis that were solely made to kill people. The camps had poison gas
chambers that would kill great amounts of people at a time. If you were lucky,
you got to be selected to die in a poison gas chamber. Some didn’t get so
lucky, and got selected for other duties, such as research. The scientists
doing the research did not care about the safety or the comfortability of the
Jews that they were experimenting with. Josef Mengele was one of these
scientists. He was dedicated to his research and did absolutely horrendous
things to select Jews in concentration or extermination camps. Josef Mengele
was a cruel scientist that performed heart-wrenching experiments on innocent
Jews during World War Two in the Holocaust.

            The United
States Holocaust Memorial Museum (2017) found that Mengele was born in 1911 on
March 16th.  He was born in Günzburg, Switzerland where he
learned his work ethic from his father, Karl Mengele, who was an extremely successful manufacturer. At the
University of Munich, Mengele earned a Ph.D. in physical anthropology in the
year 1935. Just two short years later, in 1937, he became the assistant
of Dr. Otmar von Verschuer at the Institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene in
Frankfurt, Germany. That same year, Mengele joined the Nazi Party. Mengele was
drafted into the army and volunteered in various medical services. In about
1943 he was transferred to Auschwitz because he was promoted to the rank of SS.
Captain. During his time here, he earned the nickname the “Angel of Death”
because of his tremendously cruel conduct. The higher up in rank that Mengele
got, the more power he attained, and the more freedom he had. During his
research, assisting, and work in medical services, Josef Mengele had become very
intrigued by quite a few out of the ordinary physical attributes and human abnormalities.
Some of which, he now had the freedom to experiment on.

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            One thing that interested Mengele
were twins. This interest was sparked when he had been assisting Dr. Otmar
von Verschuer who was very well
known for his research with twins. Josef Mengele assembled together hundreds of
pairs of twins to study the effect heredity has on physical traits. However,
the experiments he performed were cruel and, more often than not, unusual. Most
of the time the experiments were sent off to a pathology lab in Germany for
further evaluation. Often times he would inject one twin with a secretive
substance and monitor the illness that would develop. He would produce gangrene
in children by applying clamps painfully to their limbs. Sometimes he would
inject dye into their eyes, while other times he would give the children spinal
taps. Mengele enjoyed performing autopsies and dissecting the twins for
comparison, so once his test subject had passes away, the other twin would be
immediately killed. He would often stay awake all night long performing
autopsies on twins in order to further his research. Another gruesome
experiment he performed included him trying to create his own conjoined twins.
In order to do this, he stitched the twins together at the back. The poor
babies screamed day and night until they passed away after the 3rd
day because gangrene had set in (Stockton 2017). Mengele performed terrifying experiments
on these twins for research, for his own personal gain.  

            Another thing that interested
Mengele were pregnant women. If the women were heavily pregnant, they would usually
be sent straight to the gas chambers, but if they were in early stages, they
would be taken in for research. One experiment, Mengele monitored a woman
during her pregnancy and once the child was born, he taped her breasts, and
observed how long it took for the unfed newborn to pass away. One woman was
believed to be having twins, so to aid in Mengele’s research, he kept the women
and observed her throughout her pregnancy. When the time came and she gave
birth, their ended up being only one baby. Because the baby hadn’t been what he
had expected, he threw the newborn into an oven right in front of the mother
only minutes after she had delivered the child. In one point of his research, Mengele
became interested in abortion. Mengele would preserve women in all stages of pregnancy
and would try multiple ways of killing the infant whilst inside the mother’s womb.
One way that Kanfer S. and Carlson P. found was a technique that included someone
standing, and putting all of their weight, on top of the woman’s stomach. Meanwhile,
Mengele would record how long it would take for the women to miscarry (Kanfer
S. and Carlson P. 1985). Mengele would perform these awful experiments on Jews and
put them through excruciatingly painful experiences for his research. He knew they
were going to get killed either way, so why not perform horrifying experiments on
innocent people for science?