Management Function And Skills Essay

In a short essay discuss what change in management function and skills occur as one is promoted from a non-management to a management position. Today s companies are struggling to remain competitive in the face of increasingly tough global competition, uncertain environment, resource, massive worldwide economic, political and social shift Therefore we must pursue and complete against international competitors, to maintain our global market share.

Manager worked in domestic or international company, always face external, internal environment and task environment problems, managers use conceptual, human and technical skill to perform the four management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling to work in large, small, manufacturing profit and nor-profit organization. Moreover, management often is considered universal because it uses organizational resource to accomplish goals and attain high performance in all types of profit and non-profit organization.

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There are four management functions to achieved the organizational goals, planning, organization, leading and controlling organization resources. (Daft r. et. al 2000 pg 5) In organization the first steps for management is planning and select goal and find a way to achieve them, second steps is organising and assign responsibility for task accomplishment, organising staff means manager will need a good knowledge of operations and the job roles by them.

The manager should give the suitable job for the employee depends on their knowledge and skill, to make them self-fulfilments and self-discovery. Third is leading effective leadership sets a direction for staff to follow and requires good interpersonal communication to motivation and sound decision-making to influence employee. (Ian Birt. et. al1995). Fourth controlling manager monitoring the activities and make correction, which learn and gain experience and knowledge from the past mistake and find way to improve.

In any organization, good managers give direction to their organizations, provide leadership and achieve high performance, which attainment of organization goals by using resource in an efficient and effective manner. For the manager position manager usually work in different level in the hierarchy, for example top manager, middle manager, first-line managers and nonmanager (personnel), (Daft r. et. al 2000 pg 8) which different manager had their own responsibility and different problems and risks they need to experience and solve.