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Maintaining a fresh and exciting marriage can be a challenge in the midst of the stress of daily life. Fortunately, there are small details you can do to keep your husband happy and show him that you love him more every day. Share the responsibilities of marriage and try to implement different strategies to have a happy and spontaneous life that is satisfactory for both emotionally and sexually. Try to follow some of the following ideas to touch your husband’s most sensitive fibers and make your marriage prosper.Be romantic Romance can quickly become one of the priorities that take second place after years of marriage. Be sure to give yourself time for romantic activities, such as candlelit dinners, beach walks at sunset and snuggling to watch a movie.Revive your sex life. One of the main aspects of marriage in which emotion can quickly vanish is the sexual part. Both have to work hard to lead an exciting sexual life, although fortunately there are many things you can do.•    Do not get carried away by a dull routine. If you and your husband have the habit of having sex without any previous play or courtship, sex can become an activity they merely perform when they go to bed. Take the time to court yourself spontaneously throughout the day and avoid feeling that you have scheduled a specific time for privacy. Scheduled sex is not sensual.•    Pay attention to your husband’s wishes and needs. Find out what your preferences are and what you want to try in the bedroom. Your dreams may change over time. Just ask him what he likes and what he would like to do. In fact, with this question, you can turn on the atmosphere.•    Try to implement the “forty accounts method.” This method was discovered by a wife who saw the need to change the type of relationship she had with her husband. The technique is that each of the spouses has a container in which one of them places an account when he wants to have privacy, and the other spouse has a specific time to act on the request.Have appointments at night. Due to the hectic schedules, they both have, sometimes it is tough to find the time to be together. Commit to going out or preparing food at home at least once a week. Here are some ideas you can put into practice:•    Go to dinner or watch a movie. It’s a classic that will never go out of style if you change restaurant and movie genre every week.•    Prepare a lunch together. Try to prepare a dish that requires more effort and not one that you usually make during the week. Prepare a pizza from scratch to have a fun time while cooking.•    Go on a picnic in spring and summer. A romantic picnic in the countryside or on the beach is an excellent way to go out and spend some time together.•    Go skiing in winter. Hold hands and slide on the ice.•    Do some daring activity, like an extreme sport. They could climb, snowboard, surf, etc.