Lunatics Paper Work Essay

The purpose of this new found organization is to give both boys and girls ages 12-18 the opportunity to express themselves through the art form of dance, in a now common but popular style. Although, while focusing on a marching band and dance line style, we will branch off into other genres which will enhance the skill of each and every member. Not only to perform but to compete building showmanship, performance etiquette, and heart!

Directors Calvin Burgess a junior from St. Louis, MO majoring in Business Management at The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. He currently serves as the President, Choreographer, and dancer for the LJAPB Showstoppers. A member of Twisted Kreations Modeling team and also part of the co-ed cheer squad. Upon graduating from the university he plans to attend Pennsylvania State University to obtain a Master of Fine Arts in movement & choreography furthering my career in the entertainment and fashion industry.

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Calvin lives by the quote “Live as you are, and not as the next wants you to be” Although his plans were set after graduation, growing with the young men and women f which join this organization will become a focus of which no one can break. Calvin looks forward to working with you the parents and your children. Chakeia Taylor Sydnei Howard Price List: 2 pair- Adult canvas boot 033) Black, Red/ $22. 25 each; discountdance. com 1 pair, Nancy marching boot (12-NC-NS) White/ $39. 5; toteunlimited. com 3 Uniforms; discountdance. com 1. Lacy Schwimmer- Black (LSI 12) 529. 75 2. Natalie 3 tone- Red, Black, Turquoise (N8732) $29. 50 3. Motion wear- Turquoise (M2664) $34. 75 1 pair- Studded Fish nets (9133) Black/$5. 25; discountdance. com 1 T-shirt- 10. 00 1 Duffle bag- Black/$7. 25 Aug2000); discountdance. com Items Needed: Practice attire- Black tank top, Black or Turquoise shorts/spanks Black leggings Skin tone shimmer tights Hair & jewelry TBA Congratulations!

You have been selected to become a member of The Lunatics Dance Team. The Dance Division Faculty enthusiastically welcomes you aboard. We anticipate fun, exciting, challenging and a meaningful year together. You are helping to build a great tradition of dance at L DT. The Lunatics Dance Team offers selected members a unique opportunity to have an experience in a professional-like setting. Under close guidance of three artistic directors, embers have the opportunity to be involved in various aspects of producing a concert.

Each member is expected to be a productive, reliable, considerate and supportive individual who daily demonstrates responsibility to the whole. You are making a commitment to the team. Along with the honor and privilege of being part of the team comes certain expectations and responsibilities. You and your parents should read the following forms together. To acknowledge your understanding and abidance of the rules, expectations and responsibilities. Please return the forms with both member and parent/guardian signatures.