Like job. While the reality is you are doing

Like any other human being pharmacy technicians also get tired of their
work and want peace in their lives as they work hectically. But there are quite
a few things that annoy and bother them. So, today we will be discussing some
of the real struggles of pharmacy technicians both on and off the field.

1- WHY THIS? :
One of the questions that’s keep coming their way is why you
selected this profession. Did you get fewer marks or were you not interested in
studies? You must have gone for MBBS or at least pharmacist (which in their
perspective is more authentic and professional job). While pharmacy technician
keeps on thinking can’t it just be my choice like the doctors have?

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Every time a pharmacy technician is in a gathering of friends or family, he
keeps on hearing questions about medicines. What medicine is best for flu? What
time should I take it? Does it have any side effects? And the last thing you
can hear is, as you work at a pharmaceutical store so you must have free pills
right? And you are like yeah definitely I keep them in my pockets every time.

The most uncertain thing about a pharmacy tech is that people are not sure what
you actually do. Your friends think you count the medicines and play with them.
Your mom thinks you work with the doctor in an operation theater. Your boss
thinks you are just wasting the time and playing the game. You think you are
doing a great job. While the reality is you are doing all of them and yeah off
course screaming at the frequent disturbing phone calls.


 Situation that annoys the most is
exhausted and impatient people in the queue at the pharmacy. It makes the tech
angry that these people can wait 2 hours for a doctor but can’t wait for 2
minutes at the pharmacy. Pharmacy technician is like so you want prescription
in 2 minutes, want fries with that too. If they will say the customer to sit
and wait there, they will not move even an inch and keep staring at you.

Another struggle for the pharmacy tech is to understand the pathetic writing of
a doctor. Like if the doctor will write in a good writing patients will say
let’s go he is not a real doctor. It’s okay if you deal with the same doctor’s
prescription as you become use to of it, but if it’s someone new then it’s the
real work. In spite of this they are very smart and quick in understanding the

So these were some of the complicated and struggling things for a pharmacy
technician. Remember behind every pharmacist there a few great technicians. So,
be kind and respectful to them.