Life Without Internet Essay

The moment Selene reached down and unplugged the ether-net cable from her computer, she felt like school was out for the summer holiday, and the simultaneous relief and boredom that last bell brought. She sat quietly for a while, and soon realized that she had been anticipating this moment for ages, but for some limitations of her job, she had not made any plans: she was employed in a private consulting company; she got millions of emails from ass and her clients; even an hour without Internet would cause a lot of troubles for her. Finally, today is the day! ” Selene stood up, stretched, and put her favorite CD, Yardman’s piano recordings, into the player. Her eyes ran down the room, and spotted on the shelf placed Beautiful Day by Elian Hildebrand, the book she had been meaning to finish several months before. Made herself a cup of rose tea, set the fur cushion on the lawn chair, opened the window to let breeze and sunshine peek in, Selene felt like in the paradise.

She had longed or this kind of life, in what she could lean on her lawn chair, take a book in hand, follow the cantabile music flew out from the sounder, feel the warm breeze caress her cheek, for a long time. But she was constantly captured in the mess brought by emails, Tweets, new messages in Backbone… Now, all these disturbances were gone, and she eventually had time for life, her own life. The first two hours with Beautiful Day were delightful.

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Everything had never been such adorable in her eyes, even the whiteness of the wall, once she complained to be too pallid and dull, seemed to be peaceful and lovely. However, her first temptation from Internet came after she finished reading. The unfamiliar feelings of boredom mixed with anxiety attacked her time from time, dragged her back to the roaring allure of Internet little by little. She felt like thousands of ants were biting her at the same time: her fingers ached; her hands itched; her unconsciousness led her feet to move closer towards the computer…

She wanted so badly to check her email to see if there were any orders from her boss or requirements from her clients; she yearned for browsing the most recent tweets from her friends, most of whom he had not meet face to face for at least two years but only connected through Internet. All of a sudden, the once mellifluous peninsulas turned to be noisy and annoying; the cushion became uncomfortable and ached her back; the tea tasted like rose essence dissolved in water and the sunshine seemed to be so dazzling that she could not even open her eyes.

Lit up a scented candle, Selene tried to calm herself down. But the writhing mood was not easy to comfort, she still felt like walking on fire and wanted desperately to reconnect the ether-net cable. Finally tired by the intense battle with herself, she covered her head with quilt, just like an ostrich buried its head in sand, hoping to keep out the temptations. Unknowingly, Selene fell into sleep. When she woke up and found herself in a very weird position, it was already dark outside.

The clock pointed to 7:30 pm, the time she was supposed to watch the renewed TV show, Modern Family, on Youth. However, she had already made up her mind to staying away from Internet as long as possible, and she was not that kind of person who let dedications go easily. Selene became very disoriented. Her soul lifted half way out of her body and floated in the room, watching the soma wafted around. She began to eat half a box of Wheat Thins in a post-modern fugue.

When people did not have the Internet, their bodies became fatigued for no reason (perhaps a symptom of withdrawal) and they just began to eat. A lot. Selene consumed a large amount of potato chips and biscuits. Shockingly, it was only 8:30 p. M. , there were still two hours–seven thousand and two hundred seconds–to go, since she usually went to bed at 10:30. To kill time, Selene went through her phone book carefully, and called her roommate in college, Agnes.

Agnes sounded surprised on the other side of the wire, for the two had not got in touch since the commencement ceremony. They had a long and enjoyable chat, talking about each other’s job, life, boy friends, and memories about school. “Hey Agnes! Do you remember the day that we went to the ball together and saw a guy proposed?… ” They seemed to swing back to the old college days, when they stuck together day and night and shared every piece of laughter or deadness together. Happy times always flied away quickly. Dang! Dang! Dang… ” The clock struck eleven times and pulled Selene back from memories. Felt the catch-up was not all, the two decided on a hangout the next day. Lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling, Selene felt something fresh oozed. “After the wonderful beginning, desperate afternoon and not-so-bad ending, it seems like days without Internet will be interesting. ” talked to herself with expectations for the next days date, Selene was looking forward to another day without Internet.