LIFE negative thoughts and it is not easy to

                                           LIFE MANAGEMENT SKILL                      Mohammed elghoul

Q1) Thinking healthy is a very important thing, it is easy
to say your health relies upon your positive and negative thoughts and it is
not easy to control the negative thoughts and make the positive changes in your
life, it depends on the people surrounding you such as Family and friends and
others to help you. When I was born with a family not adopted, I only had
positive feelings and didn’t even know what self-esteem was, I then started
learning about self-esteem after experiencing life and that’s around the age
when I joined primary school. However, when someone is born without a family he
will start experiencing low self-esteem earlier in life and that’s because of
the negative thoughts that he gets unlike if u where born to a family where u
don’t have to worry about nothing and have fun all the time.

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self-esteem has a huge impact on our health, whither its
high or low self-esteem. The causes of law self-esteem, it’s frequently traced
to abusive alternately useless promptly years, the impacts for which can
persist good under adulthood. It can also be Additionally make attributed with
continuous distressing life events. When it goes wrong, our failing low
self-esteem can inspire us to settle on foolish choices, for example, enduring
abuse or hurting ourselves getting to be noticeably wanton, making eating
disorders or enjoying corrective surgery), or hurting others (tormenting,
conning) in an exertion either to influence others to love us or to numb us to
the torment of our own uselessness.

We have a lot of challenges in our life. In
our world We are
just as well mindful there are a number stressor that cause us with question
ourselves.  And, as doubt creeps into our minds, “I will
never overcome this” move toward becoming mantras that turned out to be
increasingly hard to reject, in life we are all
constantly faced with challenges and changes. As we slowly begin to believe in
ourselves, we can discover that although we cannot change our past experiences,
we can change the way we think about them. therefore, we have to change
ourselves before changing the world. In life we are all constantly faced
with challenges and changes. Concerning illustration, we gradually start on
trust in ourselves, we could find that in spite of the fact that we can’t
progress our previous experiences, we can transform the best approach we think
about them. as a result, we might progress not best how we think ourselves, as
well as distinguish an approach should a preferred future.




Q2) A finish record incorporates data from three generations
of relatives, including children, brothers and
sisters, parents, aunts and uncles, nieces, grandparents, and cousins. families
have huge numbers Components On common, including their genes, environment,
Also lifestyle. Together, these factors might provide for clues to medical
conditions that may run in a family.


A family medicinal history can recognize individuals with a
higher-than-normal possibility of having common disorders, for example, heart
disease, high blood pressure, stroke, certain cancers, and diabetes.  These complex disorders are impacted by a
blend of genetic factors, environmental conditions, and lifestyle decisions. A
family history additionally can give data about the danger of rarer conditions
caused by mutations in a single gene. While a family medical history gives
information about the danger of specific health concerns, having relatives with
a medicinal condition does not imply that an individual will build up that
condition. Most importantly, a person with no family history of a disorder may
in any case be in danger of developing that disorder.

Families have many factors in like manner, including their
genes, environment, and lifestyle. Together, these components can give clues to
medical conditions that may keep running in a family. By seeing themes of
clutters among relatives, healthcare professionals can decide if an individual,
other relative, or future ages might be at an expanded danger of developing a
specific condition. Knowing one’s family restorative history enables a person
to find a way to decrease his or her risk. For individuals at an increased risk
of specific cancers, healthcare professionals may prescribe more incessant
screening, (for example, mammography or colonoscopy) beginning at a earlier
age. healthcare provides may likewise energize standard checkups or testing for
individuals with a medical condition that keeps running in their family. Also,
way lifestyle changes, for example, adopting a healthier diet, getting regular
exercise, getting normal exercise, and stopping smoking help many people bring
down their chances of developing heart disease and other common illnesses.


Bonus) DSM-5 contains significant changes to dietary issue
analyzes. We inspected relative commonness rates of DSM-IV and DSM-5 dietary
issue analyzes utilizing Eating Disorder Examination-Questionnaire indicative
calculations in 117 group out-patients. DSM-5 criteria delivered a diminishment
in joined ‘other indicated sustaining or dietary problem’ and ‘unspecified
nourishing or dietary issue’ from 46% to 29%, an expansion in anorexia nervosa
analyze from 35% to 47%, a similar number of bulimia nervosa analyze and a 5%
rate of voraciously consuming food issue analyze.