Leadership trust or find no confidence in their leader.

Leadership is the important part of the writing on
administration and authoritative conduct with the progression of time. There
are numerous kinds of administration style; there are a few cases of initiative
style which for the most part utilized by pioneer yet theoretically.
It says that authority style which worries to circumstance and condition is the
great one to do by the leader. Leadership is a procedure by which individual
impacts others to achieve a target and coordinates the association in a way
that makes it more firm and intelligent. Leadership is a procedure whereby
individual impacts a group of people to accomplish a shared objective. Leaders
complete this procedure by applying their leadership knowledge and abilities.

Normally as a leader, we should have a legit
understanding of our identity, what we know, and what we can do. Additionally,
the followers have to decide whether the leader is effective or not. They will
become uninspired if they have no chance to trust or find no confidence in
their leader. To avoid it happen, we need to persuade our followers that we are
deserving of being taken after.

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For the followers, different people require different
styles of leadership. For example, another contract requires more supervision
than an accomplished representative does. An individual who needs inspiration
requires an unexpected approach in comparison to one with a high level of
inspiration. The principal beginning stage is having a decent comprehension of
human instinct, for example, needs, feelings, and inspiration. We should come
to know our workers’ be, know, and do properties.

The movie that I choose is The Proposal. There are
several scenes that represent the leadership styles and followership styles
from this movie. First of all, Margaret informs Andrew that due to Bob’s
firing, she needs him to work over the weekend. Andrew explains that he’s
planning to travel home for his grandmother’s 90th birthday reaps no leeway.
For that, she didn’t take that as a serious reason and she didn’t give any
response to his explanation. This shows laissez-faire leadership style. It
means a leader needs coordinate supervision of subordinates and tend to fail to
give accurate feedback to those subordinates. The leader is exceptionally
experienced and prepared subordinates requiring little supervision fall under
this style. This leadership style impedes the generation of workers requiring
supervision. Poor production, lack of control expanding costs may happen
because when this style creates no authority or supervision endeavors from

Other than that, the scene that shows Margaret was
informed by her boss named Chairman Bergen that she is going to send back to
her native country which is Canada because of an expired visa. So that she got
summoned by the upper office. She devises an urgent offer to remain in the
nation and keep up her activity at the point when Andrew enters the workplace
to bring Margaret. Then she announces that they both are going to marry when
Andrew stands beside her. Andrew is stunned and encouraged by Margaret’s
assurances to deny otherwise. This scene shows autocratic leadership style. The
autocratic leadership style states that without any input from others, the
leaders to make decisions alone. A leader has added up to expert and forces
their will on workers. Basically, employees are not able to challenge the
decisions of autocratic leaders. Margaret made her decision on marrying Andrew
who is her secretary without informing anything to him.

After that, Andrew requests for his promotion and
orders Margaret to distribute 20,000 duplicates of an original copy which he’s
been attempting to get past or he will make an arrangement with movement and
admit. Margaret just agrees with that as she trapped in her desperation. This
scene from the movie shows the transactional leadership style.

Leaders utilizing this style which get certain
assignments to perform and give prizes or disciplines to colleagues in view of
execution comes about. When the workers achieve objectives, they will get
rewards, for example like bonuses. In this scene, the reward for Andrew is to
give him an immediate promotion as an editor and to publish 20,000 copies of
his manuscript.

When it’s come to followership style, Margaret cleans
out her office as co-workers still show trepidation around her, though she
couldn’t care less at this point. They didn’t even bother about her and tend to
ignore her at some point. This shows the Conformist followership style. It
means the employees do not question the decisions or actions of the leader.
They score high in active engagement but low in free thinking.

Besides, when Andrew questioned Margaret about the
decision that she made in front of the officers says that she getting married
to him. At first, he said no and after Margaret says that she will give him a
promotion to be an editor. Andrew just agrees with that. This shows the
alienated followership style. It means they usually question the decision or
action of the leader.

The theory that matched the movie The Proposal is
Theory X. Theory x explains to us that the employees are unmotivated and do not
like to work. Every time they need to be directed by the leader. Most of them
tend to avoid their responsibility. They have no ambition or motivation to do
their job. Based on the movies, as we can see the employees in Margaret office
looked relax before Margaret enters the office. After she enters everyone
started to work. Andrew informs his co-workers through a mass mail warning
everyone in their cubicles to look sharp as the ‘witch on her broom’ arrives.
It is kind of signal to make them continue their work.

As a conclusion, from the movie The Proposal we can
see how the leadership and followership style has been portrayed even though it
has fewer scenes to show in the organization. The leadership styles that
represent the certain scene from the movie are laissez-faire leadership style,
autocratic leadership style, and transactional leadership style. For the
followership style, conformist followership style, alienated followership
style, and Theory X were discussed based on the movies that chosen.