Krista of thousands of innocent citizens of France that

Krista Hyche


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The French
Revolution was a major event in not only France’s history but Europe’s as well.

It even inspired people in other countries to start revolutions against their
own oppressive rulers. Even though it did have a few positive outcomes for
France like eliminating the class system and many of their civil liberties back,
it had a long term negative effect on Europe and its history. There were
hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens of France that were killed during
the revolution and was a catalyst for about twenty years of warfare that ended
up devastating Europe for many years to come. It also paved the path for
Napoleon to take the throne and become the dictator of France.

The Revolution was
supposed to help with liberating France and creating a new more liberal
government. But it did not help the cause of liberty for France. It gave the
citizens of France a short lived taste of freedom. The civil liberties that
they gained, even though there weren’t many, were short lived, and eventually
got rolled back under Napoleon. They may have laid the foundation for things to
come like economic planning and loose socialist theories but the Revolution
also failed to reach one of its most important goals, to establish a
constitutional monarchy or a representative government. The outcome of the
French Revolution was not seen as a success due to the mass amount of
casualties, that were mostly innocent people and what the revolution paved the
way for.