Kravolec could be difficult for students to see just

Kravolec believes that the core
academic program of study should be the focus of a public school education. But
in fact, its false, academic curriculum cannot stand alone for a perfect
student to nurture. It’s easy for teachers like Kravolec to feel that sports
have little value, but when handled well, sports can significantly benefit
students. This is where Extracurricular activities play a huge role in academic
skills, where team building and motivation can be encouraged.

Schools and colleges equally
highlight the importance of extracurricular activities, but sometimes it could
be difficult for students to see just how the extra time and commitment will
benefit them. Extracurricular activities can help students succeed in much more
than just their academic accomplishments, from reinforcing the mind to
supporting better time management skills. It is as part of developing
components which can make the students think from a rather basic point of view
of themselves and the world around them. Some students with extra-curricular
activities but some don’t. Academic inflexibilities such as in-depth reading
and complex problem-solving go far to strengthen the mind, but extracurricular
activities will take this mind strengthening even further like, you can know
how smooth you manage your time, the ability to handle stress, decision making,
carrying out meetings and many more… To maintain patience and flexibility in
face of intense difficulty, high-endurance sports will train students for those

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The United States is the only
industrialized country where competitive athletics and extensive
extra-curricular offerings are sponsored and paid for by the public-school
system. This is, as a matter of fact, a good way of increasing student
engagement in extra-curricular activities and giving a chance for those who
can’t afford to spend on these activities. She said that the 70% of the students
in that school barely met standards in math and reading. It is possible, School
plays a crucial game to achieve this. Which means they reduce the standard of
core academics, so most of the students will get a good grade. So, students
spend their most time in extra-curricular activities than studies.


A classroom cannot always replace
these activities to build professional skills. A leadership-oriented group will
help students to gain essential skills in management and assignment, while a
debate or speech club will provide additional public speaking practice for
students. There are many other clubs, competitions, and extracurricular
activities available through organized groups or independent study. Sports most
frequently have the effect of cultivation strong team-building skills and
training students in holding lasting objectives. In brief, extracurricular
activities can support students with many of the abilities future employers
will be looking for.

Extracurricular activities are not
only about expressing stronger professional skills and adding educational
skills but also fun, and offer students the opportunity to spend time with
others of similar interests. By joining a sports team or debate, students can
meet new friends from different social groups.

Proper time management can help
students to manage time with studies. Actually, parents, coaches, other
teachers and the students themselves need to consider what could be done to
adjust sports without giving up the quality of academics. In addition, teachers
and coaches can make plans if a student drops out, to provide activities that
can gain experiences so they can apply to the community. Coaches and educators
can meet to discuss their requirements and scheduling. Often, students can
successfully balance athletics and academics without feeling overwhelmed
through proper communication.

Its ironically enough, many students
find that improving more responsibilities to their already assignments -filled
schedules has the effect of improving time management. The student who is busy
with assignments but also needs to stabilize two other extracurricular
activities is more likely to plan out time given to each activity and less
likely to postpone during downtimes. An extracurricular activity will allow
students to return to homework assignments with a refreshed mind which might
even have the effect of “recharging” the brain after a day of hard schoolwork.

In conclusion this essay agrees to
the fact that students can benefit from extra-curricular activities such as they
often budget their time more wisely, improve their academic scores and social
life have higher levels of stamina, are more spirited, and exhibit a greater
sense of community within their school in comparison to the other students who
do not participate in sports.