Knowledge across subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Design of Machine

Knowledge is as vast as
ocean. To be a member of engineering family and contribute my part to the
enhancement of mankind and advancement of technology, knowledge is the
qualification required. Firm ground on fundamental principles is amplitude to
gain ocean full of knowledge, is what I believe. To elucidate, gaining
knowledge means to understand basic principles and their extensive significance
in multitudinous fields of science and technology. Having set this as my vision
in under graduation, I started to unravel engineering problems by analyzing its
governing principles. “Astounding innovations, every day the world is witnessing,
in science and technology is because of interdisciplinary approach in
researches” are the words from my higher secondary school physics lecturer, Mr.
N. Sitaram, which paved a way in my mind to pursue career in a
multidisciplinary branch of engineering. Hence, it has been Mechanical
Engineering as my logical career choice. Also, my established command over
mathematics and physics in junior high school stood as a sturdy foundation to
be an avant-garde Mechanical Engineering student in my under graduation. After
setting a vision and assimilating gravity of fundamentals in my under
graduation, I aspire to pursue Masters and polish my skills in applying those
fundamentals and build up my knowledge.

In my under graduation at
M.V.S.R Engineering College, I have come across subjects like Engineering
Mechanics, Design of Machine Elements, Kinematics of Machines, Dynamics of
Machines, Finite Element analysis etc. which have furnished me with enthralling fundamentals and designing
concepts. The experiments in laboratories such as Metal Cutting and Machine
Tools lab, Metrology & Instrumentation lab, CAD-CAM lab, CAE lab etc. have
been a good training period. The academic structure as well as eminent faculty of
our college nurtured technical as well as nontechnical skills in me, which
reflect in my position at podium. I am the 3rd topper in our
department with an overall aggregate of 86.8% till 3rd year and also
a gold medalist in my 3rd year.

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It’s not that what we
have studied, it’s what we have learnt that matters to be true engineers. And
to be a true engineer accomplishing practical projects is a commendable trait. This
motive of mine has driven me to participate in a national level competition
called Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) conducted by American society of
Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in my early 2nd year of under graduation.
With this project, I have got introduced to practicality of various concepts of
designing and manufacturing processes. Having experiencing the beauty in practical
work and challenges on work floor insatiable appetite to do projects inculcated
in me and “All-Terrain Event” and “Box Transport Mechanism” are the two other
projects, which I have done and won appreciation. Currently, I am participating
in another project called “SAE Baja India 2016”, which I feel as one of the
most prestigious project for mechanical and automobile engineers, conducted by
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India. For this competition a team of
students are supposed to design, analyse and fabricate an all-terrain vehicle. As
these three phases of designing, validating and manufacturing meet and demand
industry level expertise, being a part of this project is brainstorming and
imparting an industry level experience making me eligible to stand on world
class platform.

Nothing can commensurate
with the real-time experience at an industry’s in-plant training. To gain such experience,
I have undergone two industrial training periods at Bharat Heavy Electricals
Limited (BHEL- power plant equipment manufacturer owned by Govt. of India),
Hyderabad, and Defence Research and Development Laboratories (DRDL- a
multi-disciplinary Missile System Laboratory), Hyderabad, in my vacations and
also had an industrial visit to Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (a public sector
enterprise under Ministry of Steel), Visakhapatnam. The whole experience has
given me an eternal insight of numerous international standards of designing
and manufacturing processes. Nevertheless, presenting papers at various
national level fests organized by esteemed institutions of India have instilled
professional skills in me, which are paramount to make me understand the
nuances of my subject.

 “Practicing Yoga and playing sports revs up
brain and increases concentration levels” has been a persistent advice from my
father and certainly it has been a root cause for my healthy career till date.
“A healthy outside starts from inside” is my life-time agenda and so I have
been consistently practicing Yoga from my elementary school. I have even
participated in Inter District Yogasana Tournament in my 12th
standard and our team stood 2nd in the competition. I am also an
avid player of team sports such as Badminton and Basketball and I have
participated in several tournaments conducted in our college.

In my journey of pursuit
of knowledge, my next and obvious step would be to seek a graduate admission in
Mechanical Engineering in an esteemed University. My search for such a
qualified university ended up when I went through your university website. Advanced
research facilities, outstanding faculty, excellent student-teacher interaction,
unassailable resources and services are few exceptional qualities, which made
me choose Oklahoma State University
as my next destination. It would be an honor to me to work under such eminent
faculty and I feel privileged if offered with graduate or research assistantship,
which makes my interaction with faculty even more efficacious.

Given an opportunity, I
shall continue to strive hard to meet the standards set and contribute my best
part to this field.

Akhil Sathu