Kadeeja design can change people’s lives in a good

Kadeeja Niang

What Makes a Good Interior Design?

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Interior design can
change people’s lives in a good way. I have always thought that a space that is
well designed brings joy, happiness, and a good mood for its users. However, a
good interior design is not easy to access due to the fact of the cost to hire
a designer. Therefore, some people would go online, or go through magazines to
design their space, which is not always the best ways to do it because of all
the safety and requirements that they should go through. There are various
factors that contribute to a good design such as the functionality of the
space, the mood of the space including the lighting choices, and color
combinations, the balance between the objects used throughout the space, and
many other facts.

First, the
functionality of the space should be defined by its users as of how often they
will be using the space if it is just for leisure purposes, or for a permanent
living. Also, it is one of the most important things to consider when designing
a space from a personal point of view. There are various ways to do that such
as avoiding clutters, having the right furniture that perfectly fits the space,
the space planning among others. When designing, it is crucial to respect the
clearance between objects for an easy access. The space should flow smoothly so
people can circulate without any problem or risks to hit objects by accident.

Secondly, the mood of
the space including the lightings, the color combinations, and textures used
throughout the space mostly define how well it is designed. The choice of
lighting is vital in design. It should essentially go with the client’s needs.
For instance, I would use a therapeutic lighting for a depressed or anxious
client instead of a regular lighting, so it can help them heal their
depression. Plus, the color combinations and texture contribute the wellbeing
and happiness of the clients and makes the space look very comfortable and
aesthetically pleasing.

Lastly, the balance has
always dealt with the symmetry or asymmetry of the space. Also, it shows if
space is designed traditionally, contemporary, or modern. Symmetric spaces
planning is mainly repetitive on each side like a mirroring effect by having
the same amount of furniture and rhythm on each side. While the asymmetric
design would principally be the use of different forms and shapes, various
styles of furniture, for a different look on each side.  After the installation of most of the
furniture, it becomes more obvious to know where the artworks, smaller
furniture, small sitting groups among others should be placed because of the
choice of the furniture.

Interior design requires
that you would think. On one hand, you will have to respect all the safety
requirements such as slip resistant floors, VOC free (Volatile Organic
Compound) materials to avoid respiratory problems and other health issues,
smooth floor transition for carpets or wood floorings. On the other hand, you can
review the safety and data sheets for the preferred materials to use in a
residential design and where to get them.