Julia long, it ended in divorce in 1964. Morrison

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Mrs. Sayre

11 December 2017


Morrison was born on February 18, 1931 in Lorain, Ohio.  She is the beloved daughter of George Wofford
and Ramah Wofford. Morrison has four siblings’. She was the second oldest. Toni
Morrison’s parents were domestic workers. The Morrison’s are an African
American family who lived in a town with a small number of African American’s.
(Biography.com) During the 1940’s women wore silhouettes with padded shoulder
and skirts that came down to the knee. They faced a lot of southern racism. Toni
Morrison is a beloved author for her incredible literary works and a Nobel
Prize winner.

decided to pursue her interest in literature at Howard University. During this
time, Morrison changed her name to Chloe. (2009 Regents of The University of
Minnesota) Morrison learned how to speak German, and Latin. After Morrison
graduated from Howard University in 1953, she decided to continue her education
at Cornell University. While attending Cornell University, Toni Morrison met Harold
Morrison. They ended up getting married.  Toni Morrison and Harold later on in their
life started their family. They had two sons together, Harold and Slade
Morrison. Morrison and her family lived through the Cold war, Korean War,
Vietnam War, Gulf War, and 9/11.

Although their marriage
did not last long, it ended in divorce in 1964. Morrison was very dedicated to
her work and her children. Morrison said, “In the evening I cooked dinner and played
with my sons until their bedtime, then I would start writing.”

         Morrison has received numerous awards
in her life time. In 1993 Morrison received the Nobel Prize. This made her the
first African-American women to be chosen for this award (Biography.com). April
2015, Morrison was announced as the 2016 Charles Eliot Norton Professor of
Poetry at Harvard University (CNN.com). She was awarded the Presidential Medal
of Freedom by President Barack Obama (CNN.com).

wrote several novels. Toni Morrison’s most popular novels are The Bluest Eye
and Beloved (Biography.com). Her novels contain the history of African
Americans. During this time, Morrison had several rough patches in her life. In
2010, Slade Morrison died from pancreatic cancer (CNN.com). Morrison’s books
all contained six themes. Her works depicted on bad circumstances. She was the
first to write about such awful things.

Morrison is still writing novels. Morrison is eighty-seven years old. She will
continue to write about African Americans and their history. Toni Morrison is
an inspiring, and beloved author.