Joural Essay

In general, I think globalization is a good trend for the world. It improves the countries’ economy and technology. Globalization facilitates the communication of different cultures. But it also threat the humans heath in some extent. Movement of world’s population spread the infectious diseases among the countries. And it also facilitate the process of viruses’ mutation. In the last decade, there was many new fatal infectious disease such as CARS, H IN and HI AN threaten people’s lives.

Currently, a fatal virus called Bola has rapidly spread in Africa and there are not vaccine for preventing Bola virus. Fifth innovation of medicine cannot catch up the speed of fatal viruses’ mutation, the human being has high risk of extinction in the future. Week 5 I learnt the PEST-C analysis for access companies’ external business environment in week 5. I quite like it because almost cover all the factors that affect business. But when I was writing my business plan. I encountered problem. There are too many elements I can fill in the each factor.

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It at least take me one month to analyze PEST-C if I do the research for all elements that consider. Later, I realize it is vital for me to pick up some elements which is relevant to my industry. Quality is more important than quantity in PEST-C analysis. If put the comprehensive information which most of them are unrelated to my industry, it will let reader cannot catch the important points. Week 6 The concept of Aimer is quite interesting. The main idea is to combine American and Canadian currency to one common currency call “Aimer”. On he perspective of Canada, do not think it is good idea.

The scale of Canada’ economy and population is quite small compare to United States. If two country use same currency, United States probably will dominate the power of making monetary policy. As a result, many monetary policy will be designed on behalf of America’s interests. Week 8 As people have increasing consciousness of sustain development, corporate social responsibility (CARS) become more and more important for our society. The environment population issue will be severe, if the manufacturers charge waste without filtration for reducing cost.

And this kind of bad behaviors will be exposed to customers ultimately. Although firms may reduce small part of cost by this way, the firms’ sales will decrease sharply due to the bad reputation. In contrast, when firms apply CARS into their business operation. The benefits that caused by good reputations will surpass the increase of cost. CARS benefits either society or companies. Week 10 I always thought the goal and objective is the same thing before this course. Earn the differences between goals and objective in untie 10.

It is important to distinguish these two subjects when we prepare our business strategies plan. Goal is a long term target which connect to our mission statement directly (Vincent, 2014). Objective is a short term target which connect to our mission statement indirectly (Vincent, 2014). If we confuse these items, our strategies for goal or objective will be not effective.