Jones (2014) conducted a study to investigate the mentoring

Jones and Osborn-Lumpkin (2013) noted that many Black female junior scholars have private and early career development program designed to address socialization issues through individual and all grouped mentoring. This descriptive qualitative study investigates the importance and effectiveness of a research boot camp-like experiences in the form of an early career professional development program. The results suggest that while traditional socialization activity fail to include knowledge about writing and publishing as well as provision for development, a professional and personal network of Black female faculty identity as crucial for success. Furthermore, Genoa (2016) studied the experiences and reflections of six educators’ leadership mentoring conditions.  The participants in the study were Black women who were selected by faculty based on academic performance. The research enabled educational leadership candidates to serve as the researcher and participated actively in searching for better and different route to culturally lead and teach effectively in inner city school predominantly taught and lead by white teachers and principals. The educational leadership participants and the candidates engaged in lively discourse about pedagogy, practice, and support that promoted cultural responsibility. The data include conservation, informal interview and reflective analysis.

Copeland and Calhoun (2014) conducted a study to investigate the mentoring experiences of women superintendents in southeastern states. The participants included in the study were thirty-nine women superintendents and eight females’ superintendents who were purposefully selected. The findings of the study suggest that women had positive mentoring experiences that included the importance of having a female mentor and establishing a support system.  The findings also suggest that social-emotional based elements for effective mentoring were related to challenge, support, and encouragement of other female educational leaders through both formal and informal mentoring.

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