John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible Essay

This play is going back to the time Of spring Of 1 692 in Salem Village, MA. Goin g back to spring of 1 692 was when the witch trials were happening and whether it was t rue or not, many people died due to being accused of being witches. Now in the 21 st century p eople who study about the time of the McCarthyism have an idea of why the people who were put on trials might ave been accused.

Some come up with the theory of greed, this theory invol ves the people who lived in Salem want to accuse their neighbors to take their land. In the play, it was certain that the person who was doing the faulty accusing to his neighbors for their land was Mr. Putman. The play does not center on the witch trials but instead John Proctor and his p roblems, especially John Proctor’s lust to Abby, and John’s problem at home with his wife, Elizabet h.

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With the problems with the two women he is involve with his character developed thro ghout the play as he realized the jealousy he had caused Abby to feel is now going to cost the lif e of Elizabeth and more innocent lives in the Village of Salem. Throughout the play, the readers witness how the character of John Proctor c hanged as the problem of witches gets bigger and bigger. Proctor did not have a sudden change until the witch trials have gotten out Of hand and it is now coming for his wife’s life. In t he beginning of the play Proctor was a cold man and since he lived on a piece of land away fro m the main part of

Salem he did not care much for what goes on in Salem. From the cold man th at Proctor was to his wife and around the house to a man who would protect and save his wife at any cause, even if he needed to ruin his name in the village. This change was shown when Proct or realized that if he does not call Abby out for the whore that she is then there is not one Chan ce of saving Elizabeth. To be able to say that Abby is accusing his wife of being a witch due to the fact that Abby wanted to be with Proctor and replace his wife.

He changed to the prote ctor of his wife from the cold man who would not have given much affection to his wife. This change was caused by his realization that he was about to loose his wife because Of lust t o Abby before this play started. This change made him more of a moral person as in the end when he refused to let his name be hang on the door of the church for admitting that he was a witch. Pr octor’s change in this play is essentially the reason why he was dead at the end of the book.

Th e effort of trying to ave his wife was through the realization and the changes he went through th roughout the play. The larger message here would be that what you have realized might change you for the better but even then this change might happen to be your weakness and cause you greatly. As that was true for John Proctor, as he changed for the better to the person who was willi ng to do anything to protect his wife this was essentially the cause of why he was prosecuted at the end.