John argument that he believes in god? Socrates’ argument

John Crate01/12/18W18 PHI2010.001: Int Philosophy Herzog To Study: 1. What are the charges against Socrates? Socrates is being accused of corruption of youth. He summarizes his accusations against him by stating “Socrates is a wrongdoer, who meddles with inquiries into things beneath the earth and in the heavens (gods), and who makes the weaker reason appear the stronger, and who teaches others these same things” (pg. 15). 2. What has caused prejudice to arise against Socrates? Socrates believes the prejudice against him arose after an Oracle stated that he “was the wisest man” (pg.16). Socrates did not believe this statement to be true so he searched for a wiser man. He went to politicians, poets, and artists who were all held at high standards throughout society. Upon meeting them he came to the conclusion that none of them were as wise because although they had wisdom, the were blind to their ignorance (pg. 17).3. How does Socrates refute the charge that he corrupts the young? Socrates refute to the charges of corrupting the youth, is that Metelus himself, does not necessarily think Socrates is corrupting youth but is only charging him to see “zealous”(pg.18), and that he really has not given much thought on the matter.4. What is Socrates’ argument that he believes in god? Socrates’ argument that he believes in god is that if Meletus is accusing him of believing in demi gods (pg.21), then it is impossible for Socrates to not believe in gods, being that demi gods are born from gods. 5. What has Socrates spent his whole life doing? Socrates has spent his life trying to fulfill his duties to the gods by teaching men that they can never be as wise as the gods. He would go about and examine those who thought they were wise.6. Socrates says he is a “gadfly”. Explain Socrates says he is a “gadfly” gifted Athenians by the Gods, he was sent there to remind them that they can never be as wise as the gods. He also states, “You will not easily find another like me, and therefore I would advise you to spare me”.7. What is Socrates’ prophecy to his accusers? Socrates prophecy to his accusers is that “you who have sentenced me to death that a far more severe punishment than you have inflicted on me will surely overtake you as soon as I am dead” (pg.30). 8.Why does Socrates not fear his death sentence?Socrates does fear death because he feels man cannot understand it and that “life or death is better is known to god, and god only” (pg.31)Notes:-Socrates believes many years before this trial,”for many years men have been accusing me to you… who have not uttered a word of truth” (pg.14). He believes that these men have created a negative image of him and have since passed in on to the youth, “they have been more persistent in accusing me untruthfully and have persuaded you that there is a certain Socrates” (pg.14)-impudent: not showing due respect for another person; impertinent.- He thinks highly of the way he speaks (pg.14)- it’s hard for him to come to peace with his convictions (pg.14)-There was a pay mocking socrates (pg.15)-often addresses Athens-once questioned the an oracle (pg.16)-Meletus/poets-Anytus/artisans and politicians-Lycon/orators-feels Meletus is just trying to show off that he can challenge the wise Socrates (pg.19)-laws don’t teach they punish (pg.20)