JD usually have to pay for it. These can

JD Sports
sell a variety of sportswear and trainers etc. for men, women and children.
These items range from many different designs and brands such as Nike, Adidas,
The North Face, Armani etc. As well as designer trainers and clothes, they also
sell a range of football kits and football boots. The football kits range from
teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, West Ham etc. JD sells many
sporting products that are beneficial for many people. Their online website has
a wider range of products to buy and look at compared to what is shown in the
stores. This is because there just isn’t enough room in the store to show all
the products the business sells.

ITunes is an app that’s used as a
media player, media library, internet radio broadcaster and mobile device
management application made by Apple. The app is used to play and download
music, films and TV programmes. To have this privilege it comes at a cost. To download
music, films or programmes you usually have to pay for it. These can vary in
prices but they’re usually very little prices. ITunes is only available on I
Phones, IMacs and any Apple product only.

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Similarities – A similarity that JD Sports and
ITunes have is that they sell products

Differences – They don’t sell the same products

– ITunes is
solely based online whereas JD is mainly shop based but has an online base

JD Sports is
a very popular, well known business that’s known as a Public Limited Company. JD
is located in shops as well as having a large online based website. JD sports
website has access to all the products being sold in the shops and more. JD’s
online website contains even more products that what is shown in stores. JD
sports has an online website in order to sell products that aren’t shown in stores
as well as to make their business available for everybody even people who
aren’t able to make it into stores. In order to make purchases you click on the
product you wish to buy, choose sizes and colours that suit your preference,
proceed to checkout and follow the payment and postage steps and you should be
good to go.  When ordering on the website
you can use a method called click and collect. This method includes free delivery
to the store within 2-3 days of which you go and collect your purchase. 

The ITunes store is based online on
apps and the Apple website. The ITunes App is only available for download on
Apple products such as IPhone, IMac, Apple Mac, IPods etc. There isn’t actually
an ITunes shop that’s available for you to visit, but the Apple store covers
ITunes, so if there is any problems people are having with ITunes, the Apple
store would be able to help with that. ITunes is only based online, this is
available for everyone to look at but can only be purchased by Apple users. In
order to make a purchase you have to go through the app as the website doesn’t allow
you to do so.https://www.apple.com/uk/itunes/




Similarities – They both are placed online on a

Differences – JD has a shop that people can
physically visit whereas ITunes is only based online

JD sports
has many customers who use their business, this is due to their promotional
methods they use to advertise their business. JD sports occasionally has
adverts that are shown on the TV. These adverts, advertise the business and
also promotes special deals and offers that the business is offering. They also
have an Instagram page which is followed by millions of people. The page posts
pictures of the products it sells and also has a link to the website available
in the top section of the page. The Instagram, page keeps customers up to date
of the products that it has in stock and also keeps them notified if new
products come in stock as it will be posted on their page. JD also promotes is
business by having an App. They also use celebrities to sponsor their brand and
to wear their brand and post it on social media or feature in adverts. This is
a good way to promote their business as famous people usually set trends as
they have a big influence on their fans.


As ITunes is
an online based business that promotes and advertises its business through
technology sources such as TV adverts, computer and phone apps and news
headlines. ITunes is a worldwide brand that everybody knows of. As ITunes is an
internationally known brand and is so popular it doesn’t really need to keep
advertising the business. This is because everybody knows the business and uses
it regularly. The only time ITunes really advertise their business is when they
are promoting special offers and deals or when they’re launching new
products/features. ITunes are very successful with their advertising. They use
very technological adverts that show every feature of the product and use
special effects and bright colours in order to attract customers. ITunes also
have gift cards of which are around many shops. These are also a way of
promoting their business.

Similarities – They both advertise is the same

Differences – They don’t advertise the same

JD sports is set up on many social
media sites, these include Instagram, twitter and Facebook. On these social
media sites they have a very large number of followers – to be precise they
have 13.1k followers on Instagram, 131,402 followers on twitter and 2,403,017
followers on Facebook. This is a very large following base that JD Sports has.
On JD Sports social media sites, they post new products and additions to the
business is order to advertise the things they’re selling. As millions of
people follow their social media they’re all seeing what JD has to offer. This
keeps customers up to date with what JD are selling in order for them to enter
the store and make purchases. Not only do they show their products through
their own social media accounts, their products are also promoted through
celebrities social media accounts. This expands the amount of social action the
business gets.      



also has social media sites online, such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
ITunes also has a large amount of followers on these sites. For example, they
have 30,568,510 followers on Facebook, 1.3 M followers on Instagram, and
1,213,151 followers on twitter. ITunes also use their social media accounts for
the same reason as JD sports and other businesses, which is simply to advertise
their business and keep customers up to date with what products they have and
what the business is up to.  In 2010
Apple launched Ping which was described as a social media network for music.
This allowed ITunes users to share favourite music and artists. Unfortunately this
has now been shut down.


 – They are a part of the
same social media sites

 – They don’t post the same
things on social media, and they have different followers