Japan-Bangladesh also came in Bangladesh to fulfill their political

diplomatic relations mainly began since the establishment of Japanese Embassy
in Dhaka in March 1972.1
Following that, in July 1972, Bangladesh also opened its embassy in Tokyo.
Prior to that, on 10th February 1972, Japan recognized Bangladesh as a sovereign independent country
and played a significant role in
Bangladesh’s independence struggle during 1971. 23In
October 1973, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman first made his historic state
visit in Japan that led the foundation of bilateral relations between Japan and
Bangladesh.4 Following his visit, later
other government officials of both countries visited in each country. Even in
February 1975, the then Crown Prince Akihito, now His Imperial Majesty the
Emperor of Japan visited Bangladesh.5

1973 both countries maintained a warm relation and their cooperation and
partnership increased in the economic development field. Though the main
purpose of Bangladesh’s government officials’ visit in Japan was to convince
Japan to provide assistance in Bangladesh’s development project at the same
time Japanese high officials also came in Bangladesh to fulfill their political
and strategic goals.

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