January known or anticipated risks to you as a

January 5, 2018


Dear Sir /

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Good day!


We are 4th year students of FEU Institute of Technology
taking up B.S. in Computer Engineering. This letter is an invitation to
consider participating in a study that we are conducting as part of our coursework
in CPE Project Design 1 (CPM432) under the supervision of Engr. Honeylet D.
Grimaldo. We would like to provide
you with more information about this project and what your involvement would
entail if you decide to take part.


Our project is to design and to develop Electrooculography Based
Assistance Board for Quadriplegic Patients. It will focus on providing
effective communication between them and those people who are around them. The
main component of our system is a screen that will show basic necessities of a
paralyzed patient. It requires an input generated from the movement of the
patient’s eyes. Within every movement, the cursor on the screen will move
simultaneously. With that, the patient can select a specific emoji which
corresponds to a basic need. This is ideal for Quadriplegic patients who are
paralyzed below the neck and who are incapable of controlled speech. Therefore,
we would like to include you in our study. We believe that because your
knowledge in the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is extensive.


Participation in this study is voluntary. It will involve an
interview to take place in a mutually agreed upon location. You may decline to
answer any of the interview questions if you so wish. Further, you may decide
to withdraw from this study at any time without any negative consequences by
advising the researchers. With your permission, the interview will be
tape-recorded to facilitate collection of information, and later transcribed
for analysis. Shortly after the interview has been completed, the group will
send you a copy of the transcript to give you an opportunity to confirm the
accuracy of our conversation and to add or clarify any points that you wish. Also,
with your permission quotations may be used. There are no known or anticipated
risks to you as a participant in this study.