Jackson DBQ Essay

The presidency of Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson has become the new president of the United States of Americ a, and little do we know he will force in many of his views and what he believes will streng then America. While he had’nt been inaugurated done typically in front of numerous politici ans, he has done so in front of the common man as he told many was his foundation. Within the J ackson administration, Jacksonian Democracy impacted further advances in the politi cal process by the common man” and minorities, the economic stability of the nation, and creat ed sectionalism.

These impacts were caused by the end ofwhite men voting restrictions, creati on of the spoils system, vetoing of National Bank policies, distribution of currency to “pet ban ks,” and the fairness of laws for states and enforcing Indian Removal. All of this would begi n with the man who would do what he thought and saw fit for the nation. Jackson gave political power to the “common man” during his presidency seen through Margaret Bayard Smith’s account of Jackson’s Inauguration in 1829 (Doc A).

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S mith described western farmers going crazy in the street and the White House which for that time was not a typical Inauguration ceremony. In fact, most inaugurations were in front of po liticians. Jackson was able to give these “common men” political power in order to be elected b y stating he was one himself and ending voting restrictions for white males so that any man co uld vote verses only land holders could.