It the same product. There are two paths to

It is not
necessary that to get huge profit you have to spend lots of money; you can get
it by just improving your skills, adding and subtracting in your work.

The Japan
Toyota production system used the ‘lean production’ for the first time. The
concept of lean manufacturing is reduced to the permanent elimination of
absolutely all types of losses during production and to reduce production cost.
Every worker should strive to perform his work faster, better and with minimal
labor costs. You need to eliminate the things that are not working; you don’t have
to add anything new. Make few mistakes and make the same product.
There are two paths to improvement- by addition and by subtraction.

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Improvement by
the addition means improving what is already working like if you are writing articles
then adding new words, phrases are an addition; bike or Car Company is
manufacturing more powerful bikes and cars, adding more healthy items in your
diet, adding more exercises to your gym plan.

Improvement by
subtraction means you don’t do things that don’t work, you avoid making
mistakes.  You don’t have to create
something new; you just have to improvise it. For example, avoid eating junk food
while you are on weight loss plan, avoid making mistakes while writing
articles, don’t skip the gym, avoid going to shopping frequently and so on.

by subtraction is easier than by addition because you don’t have to change
anything or you don’t have to create anything new. You just have to eliminate the
things that are useless and not helping. It’s always difficult to add something
new to our routine. When we try to lose weight, it gets difficult to add oats,
avocado and other healthy ideas to your diet but it is easy to avoid eating
pizza, burger, and other stuff that can increase your weight. You may feel both
the things are same but no! In the first situation, your focus is ‘how to eat healthily’
and in the second situation ‘how to not eat unhealthily’.

Avoid making
mistakes and analyze the problems that most often happen in your life. For example,
if you periodically do not have enough money to pay, think about why this is
happening. Perhaps you spend them too much at the beginning of the month,
and if you did not do so, they would be enough for all the time. You can
really not make such mistakes; you just need to learn this.

Keep yourself
motivated and inspired, it helps you to keep moving through any situation in
your life. Self-confidence is must; you should never doubt yourself and your abilities.
So, avoid ting losses to get big gains.