It my car has stopped. I’m parked horizontal, blocking

It was no wonder when Evelyn Park drove right off the end of Maple road last September. Only driving at 20 MPH, I couldn’t see more than a few inches in front of me. The city installed special lighting after Evelyn fell, but something kept damaging the lights. After a few weeks, the city hasn’t bothered to fix them again. The city won’t notice the lights again until someone plummets to their death again. Rumor goes around that since the incident, twelve people came looking for her car and were never seen again. Roads closed and no one was ever seen on Maple Road again. The government pretended nothing ever happened, the event wasn’t even in the news. My friends say I have a big gut to be out here. And I definitely am but I don’t feel brave. I feel as if my insides are being slowly torn apart by the fear inside of me. As I was driving slowly, I hoped I wouldn’t be the one who dies tonight. “Ma’am, the drivers behind you have sent in a complaint about a slow driver on Maple road. And I’m assuming it’s you.” The old police officer mumbles to me. His breath reeks with the smell of sour liquor. With his bad posture, it looks as if he hasn’t slept in days. Along with wrinkled and baggy clothes, he sounds fatigued and drunk.I look down, as I remember no cars were ever behind me, I think.I look back at my window, the officer had disappeared. The police siren had faded and red and blue lights had vanished.”Hello?!” I shout as I look out my car window.Am I hallucinating? I think. I look through the rear-view mirror, his car is gone. In shock, I press the gas pedal as hard as I can. My hands shake hard and I can’t keep my car steady. Fog covers the road making it harder to see through the darkness. The road is slick with ice and I begin drifting. When  I hit the brake pedal my brakes screech to a stop. I make a full turn until my car has stopped. I’m parked horizontal, blocking the road. I sigh and set my head on the steering wheel. I was maybe, five feet away from the edge. Huge signs sit at the end of the road, giant black letter spell out, DANGER! DEAD END. “Even if this road is a dead end, I can turn around, right?” I question.I look at my watch, 10:24 PM, the clock reads. I still have time to get home; I start my car. The engine starts, then breaks down.”Are you kidding me?!” I cry. After a few curses and re-thinking, I ring up the nearest gas station,”Oak Tree Gas, how can I help you?” A young girl answers the phone, she has a high voice and sounds preppy. “Um, hi, do you have a tow truck?” I ask.”Let me see hun,” she puts me on hold. After about ten minutes she answers, I didn’t mind waiting, at this point i’m desperate.”Yes! We do have a tow truck,” she responds. “Great!” I blurt out with excitement. “Don’t get too excited sweetie. We currently don’t have a driver and won’t be able to pick any car up until tomorrow.” My heart drops and my eyes begin to swell up. “Thank you anyway,” I say quietly into the phone. I hang up before she can even respond. When opening my car door I fall to my knees. My hands pound at the ground, the ice turing them numb. Tears fall down my face almost freezing on my cheek. Sitting on the ground, my knees come to my chin. I cry into my knees for a solid five minutes. Lights flicker above me, I turn my head to them. “Stupid, city. Stupid, lights. Stupid, road.” I say with hatred in my voice. My entire body trembles and I can feel the rage in my bones. I stand and see a small rock in the corner through the corner of my eye. I grab the rock and throw it at the light. Glass falls, shattering when hitting the floor. A tall man comes around the corner and startles me. I didn’t trust the man, he wore nothing but a black shirt, jeans and, sneakers.”Most people don’t survive when they drive down this road,” the man says while walking over to me. I immediately jolt back to my car. “Don’t even try leaving,” he says with a smirk on his face. “You can’t leave, Evelyn.”