It must recognize that today’s student’s own homes and

It is very important to educate ourselves more in terms of
finances, to acquire savings. Because many sectors of society are speculating
on how to correct the economics problems that are affecting the daily life of
many people. But how ca we correct those economic problems, when we do not have
education on how to save and how to invest. Technological advances and
innovation have contributes contributed to complicate the business world, since
now there are many services and financial products that are available to
investors. Someone might think that the solution to the multiplicity of
economic problems could be to implement more stringent rules and be strict with
bankers or business representatives. However, Ben S. Bernanke and some of the
Federal Reserve Banks have considered the investment of money, time and effort
in financial education programs as solutions. 

Also, there are others who have thought that such a solution
will be a great investment in human capital at an early age because this gives
people the opportunity to recover their investment throughout their working
life. We must recognize that today’s student’s own homes and business on the
future, and it is important that young people know about the credit when it
comes to buying a home. Therefore, an early education about finances is very
important for the development of an individual that pretends to be useful to

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The savings and the economic growth is established
unidirectional growth economic to domestic savings and not vice versa. External
saving has been a variable in recent years economic situation, from which the
economy becomes more dependent due to the insufficiency of internal resources
to finance the investment, servings as the alternative fundamental substitute
for domestic savings for such purposes. This increases the external
vulnerability economic of this country, and one of the main challenges to
achieve sustained growth is to close the gap between external savings and
investment through the substitution of external resources for internal ones.

According to the analysis presented above, it can be
affirmed that the internal savings is the internal income, and this can be
explained because the agent’s economic changes when observing in current income
or waiting for a change in their future consumption, at the same time the level
of savings and investment.  Non-financial
companies, company’s financial institution, general government, private
nonprofit households, institutions and the rest of the world, thereby expanding
the availability of economics statistic of the country and opens the way for
more precise research about savings, equity variation and economic growth.

Education is the key to being successful and having a better
life. Also, this research emphasizes the value of financial education as a tool
to train people to make correct decisions without fear of being wrong, or
perhaps, evicting making a wrong decision.