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It is not always that someone gets married. On this special day, not only the brides should be in her best wedding gown and wore the most expensive wedding accessories available. The groom also deserve to look his handsomest beside his beloved bride as he say ‘I do.’One of the wedding accessories that can make a big difference in a groom’s attire is a pair of wedding cuff links. Yes, these small accessories seem to look insignificant but it makes a groom look dashing and more formal whether he is in a suit or a black tie. The groomsmen may also wear wedding cuff links to match the wedding accessories of the groom.Victorian males wore cuff links not only when there’s a need to dress up but everyday, during work and at home. Even those people who didn’t belong to the wealthy family wore cuff links.   Cuff links are symbol of decency. Social status may be known also through cuff links. People who belong to the aristocratic family wear heavily ornamented cuff links in hi karat of golds What should be the color or design of wedding cuff links?The color of wedding cuff links rely much on the wedding’s color motif. If the motif has a dominant color of blue, white and black, silver is the best color of wedding cuff links. But if the motif is in the color range of red and yellow, wedding cuff links should be in gold. If you fail to follow these basic color coordination, your groom’s wedding cuff links will look misplaced and unnecessary.As for the design of wedding cuff links, the groom may take a pass on a simple design. You can design your wedding cuff links the vintage style to match your wedding theme, or purchase one with complicated engraving to exude aura of sophistication.You can also ask your wedding cuff links engraver to engrave your initials (bride and groom) on the cuff links. You can buy your groomsmen a pair of wedding cuff links too as a gift. But if you belong to the group of thrifty and practical grooms, well, it will be much better if you buy a pair of wedding cuff links that you can still wear even after the wedding. Wedding cuff links for all occasions should have a plainer and simpler design so that they won’t look too formal or excessive for an office setting.   Some of the recommended wedding cuff links design for all occasions are frosted gold or silver cuff links and the functional watch, thermometer or compass wedding cuff links.There are also cheap cuff links made from electroplated gold. These cuff links look like they were made from real gold. The electroplating will wear off after some months or even years of use.   No one would notice that your gift to your groomsmen is electroplated because they are as sparkling as a real gold. Your groomsmen won’t mind, anyway, if they find that your cuff links were made from metal and were just electroplated with gold. What matters to them is that you still remember to give them wedding gifts.