It from social feeds, and so many more how’s.

It all started while working with one of our clients. We realised that setting up short and long-term objectives, learning what and when to measure, and revolving around banner ads, Google AdWords and Email Marketing did not give us a high ROI.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, more than the what’s and when’s it’s important to know the How’s such as how to align marketing analytics with financial goals, how to manage campaigns better, how to obtain customer engagement data from social feeds, and so many more how’s.

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For Adslite, these questions were a good place to start because they hint towards loopholes that exist in the marketing world and serve as a foundation for the next big thing.

Therefore, Adslite came up with a sophisticated tool that can help you track reams of crucial data, manage the campaigns better, respond in real-time, and most importantly improve the performance to deliver higher ROI for the same marketing spend.

Still sceptical about its benefits and what all it can do? Read On-

·         It takes the complete product catalogue information of the e-com company (name, image, details, price, etc.) and sales data (units sold, price points, location, etc.) and then auto-generates ads on the fly


·         It automates your reports to reduce time consumption and makes AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., export the same data in the same format

According to State of Marketing Measurement report (2011), 82% of marketers say their executives desire every campaign measured, but less than a third can effectively evaluate the ROI of each channel.

·         To make sure that our clients do not fall under this percentage, the Adslite tool set up targeted campaigns on Facebook and uses automated logic to identify top performing campaigns to maximise sales


·         Integration is the major part of the tool that gives you not just a bird’s eye view but an apples-to-apples comparison of all your campaigns, whether you are using 1 or many marketing services



·         It automatically triggers marketing campaigns based on the criteria that you fix, which means your business can reach out to multiple audiences and send out thousands of personalised emails each day on autopilot

Since Return on Investment(ROI) is an important metric to measure in any Ecommerce industry,

·         the Adslite tool makes it very easy to produce a better ROI by automating the entire process of Cross Sells,

Up-Sells, and Customer Follow-Ups. Automating these parameters will show results in terms of not only acquiring new customers but retaining them as well


·         The feedback system makes sure different processes and staff are working smoothly and gives impartial notifications to improve your running campaigns (in case the campaigns fail to convert users into leads)


To conclude, I have to say that every Ecommerce industry should strive to align their products or services to automation that not only keep them at pace with the changing needs of the customers but also to manage their own fundamental yet repetitive tasks of sending SMS messages and emails as well as posting online advertisements.

Also, being the Communications Head of Adslite I strongly believe that such an automation tool works at every step of your communication strategy- whether its blogs, social media, events, web tracking, or anything else and surely gives you an upper hand in the competitive topography.

Hence, I would strongly recommend the Adslite tool to the e-commerce industries and ask them to try and test it to see amazing results.