It connections with different sects of our lives. Lastly,

It is a common
happening in our life that someday we will have to face with a  problem which is about the sort of career we
want to  select in our life and this is
one of the hardest decisions we will ever have to solve.

Generally speaking,
there are many prestigious factor which are possible to influence our career
decision            .For example
,your  personality and interest play
a  big role in your  final career choice.If you are an employer in
a company  where you aren’t  interested in 
the topic they are focused in ,you 
probably don’t  tent to work
effectively and passionately .Additionally ,another  considerable factor is the economic and
social condition of our life. Everything relies  on our economic and social conditions we were
used to live to,  in the period we were
growing up and in our permanent way of 
life. Futhermore, different conditions and     situations which take part in our economic and social lives can
give us a definite decision and have a specific effort on it.

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Our family is a main
factor we should also pay attention to because it is deeply associated with our
career decision and it can help us to make the right decision.For example, if the
most members of your family are specialized in the field of nursing, you have
more chances to find a job which is specificated with nursing and this fact can
lead you to the ultimate decision. Moreover, your cultural background  is a topic that can influence your  future work choice .For instance, persons
expectations  and life values are always
formed according to the cultural topics and they have strong connections with
different sects of our lives. Lastly, you have to find your best career. You
should find out what inspires you , follow your inspiration and be aware to
choose a job passionately for you.

To sum up ,I think that the career choice is the
most influential decision you will ever make in the length of your life because
it  means that you are starting your new
life and work for your own and for your family.