Is 10 in the Mathalon 2017) and a Distinction

Is it too much to ask to know what’s not just beyond our
world, but what’s also a part of it? From the tiniest parts of all matter to
those gigantic collections of interstellar dust and gases called stars and
nebulae, there are plenty of things which we still know very little about. The
main principle behind explaining these bodies, however, is Physics, and if we
truly desire to understand the universe as a whole, there is no other subject
which can give a better explanation. It is at this moment, that we form
theories, regarding not just the microscopic, but also the macroscopic systems
of matter and that’s where Theoretical Physics comes in. The desire to
contribute to mankind’s knowledge is why I seek to pursue a course in
Theoretical Physics to explore the secrets which the universe hides from us. Hearing
about the confirmation of the Higgs Boson by CERN, the confirmation of
Gravitational waves a few years ago, and the discovery of missing Baryonic
matter inspired me to pursue a field which focuses on explaining the unexplainable.

However, in order to go deeper into the laws of nature, it
is essential that one develops a strong academic base. To this end, I have
demonstrated consistent academic performances in Physics and Mathematics, being
the 2nd ranked student in in 11th grade and 1st
ranked in the 12th grade first and midterm tests. At the same time,
an aspiring Physicist must be open to input from various fields, and it was my
attendance for the FENS 2016 Copenhagen conference during the International
Brain Bee 2016 Neuroscience competition which taught me so. I was particularly
inspired by a keynote speaker who was a physicist as he helped draw parallels
between Physics and Neuroscience and understand that it was the same desire for
innovation and discovery which motivated me to participate in a Neuroscience
competition in spite of having interests in Physics. Considering Mathematics
and Physics, I have continually expressed my interests by being a member of the
school Math team for various competitions (Secured 2nd rank in the
RIT Dubai 2017 contest, top 10 in the Mathalon 2017) and a Distinction in the
Euclid Contest 2017 along with a UAE Rank 3 for the National Qualifiers for the
International Physics Olympiad. Over these years of high school, I’ve honed my
leadership and collaborative skills too.  I’ve taken initiative by being the Chemistry
and Physics project leader along with being the team leader for the 2017 School
Science exhibition involving the construction of a cloud chamber. My
participation in five Model United Nations conferences with three awards and a
chairing position in my latest conference (GA-4) involved collaboration with
students as delegates of different countries in order to tackle crucial global
issues ranging from Chemical Warfare to R2P and taught me to treat every
individual’s opinion with equal weight, crucial for one who seeks to learn more.

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Last but not the least, the passion for Physics within my
heart hasn’t dimmed down a bit. In order to go beyond high school learning, I
spend a lot of my free time reading articles about the latest Physics
discoveries, or learning a new concept every other day from HyperPhysics. At
the same time, I also read books on scientific thinking such as “Farewell to
Reality” by Jim Baggott which taught me the importance of adhering to
scientific principles while searching for the truth of reality. Creativity has
been one of my best friends, and as a result, I always try to ask the questions
“What if?” especially when talking about Gravitation and Subatomic particles. In
brief, I feel as if my passion for new knowledge complements my creativity, and
serves as a driving force for my desire to study Theoretical Physics. I can
only express my hope that I will be able to work towards expanding mankind’s
knowledge of the world even if it might take a lifetime, and become a
productive member of the scientific community.