IroquoisThe United States. By 1680, their area stretched as

IroquoisThe Mohawks, the Oneidas, the Onondagas, the Cayugas, and the Senecas tribes banded together to form the Iroquois Confederacy in the 1600’s. This confederacy did not originally call themselves the Iroquois but instead the Kanonsionni, which meant “people of the longhouse.” They called themselves because they did indeed live in longhouses or birch bark houses. This was a very logical option for them because of where they lived. The Iroquois started off in New York in the Adirondack mountains and Niagara falls. But, through conquest and migration, they gained control of parts of eastern Canada and Northeastern United States. By 1680, their area stretched as far as Chesapeake bay, to Kentucky than to Ohio, to south lake of Michigan, Southern Ontario, West Connecticut, to upper Delaware then across Pennsylvania and back to Chesapeake bay.During the conquest of this land a sixth tribe joined the confederacy, the Tuscarora tribe, whom join in 1722. With the joinage of the sixth tribe changed many things, such as the name which changed to Haudenosaunee or the six nation as it is still known today. The Tuscarora tribe was added to the confederacy because of the conflict the confederacy was having with the French and English settlers. But, even with the addition the religion aspect of the tribe remains the same. Their religion has no formal name like many Native American nations. The Iroquois people believed in the great spirit, which is the one that lead them in their everyday life. They believed that they could not directly talk to the Great spirit but that burning tobacco it would carry their prayers to him. The Thunderer and the Three Sisters, the spirits of Maize, Beans, and Squash were some of their other important deities. The Iroquois regarded dreams as supernatural signs, they believed that dreams showed the desires of the soul. They had six major ceremonies, that were held when maple, planting, strawberry, green corn, harvest, and mid-winter or new year’s occured.  The Iroquois daily life was that of many Native american tribes. The Iroquois people were farmers, hunters, and gathers. The women of the tribe farmed the land, gathered nuts and berries, raised the children, and held control of the dwellings and horses. The Iroquois men held an important part of the society but they held less power than that of the women, as the women did appoint them. The mens duties were to hunt and be good warriors, they also did many outdoor activities. The young children both male and female learned how to find wild plants to eat or use for medicine. The young girls were expect to help the women with farming and chores around the longhouse. The young boys learned to hunt and fish from their fathers.  They did not have any form of government other than that of the leader. The Iroquois tribe held very high morals, when it came to the treatment of their people. For example in the tribe no one person would starve unless the whole tribe did.  They also believe that everyone is equal and is a full partner in society, no matter what their age.  They believe that all people should live in peace with one another.  The Iroquois strong morals, beliefs, and way of life may be the reason way that parts of the Iroquois still exists today. Work Cited:”The Iroquois Tribes.”, Independence Hall Association,”Iroquois – Religion and Expressive Culture.” Countries and Their Cultures,,,