Introduction:Background susceptible to social pressure to be in adjust

Introduction:Background of study:In the life, human goes through stages such as childhood, teenager, adult, and old age. The teenager period is the most important stage of individual life. Through this stage teenager faced many of things influence in themselves. Moreover, peer pressure is one thing that can influence on teenagers. According to Albert, Chein, and Steinberg (2013), “In adolescence, a time when individuals spend an increasing amount of time with their peer”. Teenager is person is most susceptible to peer pressure because during teenager peer became an important influencer on behavior and decision making. Peer pressure is issue influences several of teenagers of the world today. In addition, peer pressure associated with teenager period and it common issue faced by all teenager’s decisions. Sometimes these effects of decision make may be both positive and negative such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs are negative effects.Statement of the problem:During adolescence period teenagers are susceptible to social pressure to be in adjust with group with which they socialize. Teenagers are also susceptible to peer pressure. Moreover, peer pressure can be occurring when teenager’s susceptible to persuasion. teenager Peer relationship play an important role in their life’s and sometimes replace their parents and family role. Peer pressure in influence in decision making is issue. Peer pressure can be both positive and negative. Peer pressure is positive when effect on teen in positive such as gets higher marks in school. However, peer pressure is negative when peer or teen influence in bad thing such as smoking, taking drugs or escape from school. Once reasons of why teenagers often influence negative to peer pressure is lack of discussion and communication at home about bad thing such drugs, alcohol, and smoking and other bad thing. Several of parents worry about peer pressure in decision making of their teenagers. Most parents believe peers are the biggest effect on their adolescents while their adolescent’s friends do play a role in choices they make. According to Bourne (n.d),”Although peer pressure has a negative effects on teenagers, it can be positive effects as well and it depending on their level of contact with others”. Parents must be responsibility for their teenagers and learn them to understand the power of peer pressure and how to try to use it to a positive way.Purpose of the study:Nowadays peer pressure effect in teenager decision making is real issue that effects in several of adolescents in the world. The purpose of this study is to investigate how peer pressure influences both positive and negative on decision making of teenagers. Through adolescence period teenager became more susceptible to peer pressure because peer become an important influence in their life. Teenagers influence by their peer more than adult. In addition, this research is also to determine the reasons that lead to make adolescents more susceptible to peer pressure. Besides that, this research is also investigating how does peer pressure happen. Research questions:This research will attempt to answer the research question as follow:How does peer pressure influence teenagers’ decision?Definition terms:- Decision making is a cognitive process resulting in the selection of belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities.- Peer are people who like your age.- Peer pressure the direct effects on individual or group by peer, or an individual who gets encouraged to follow their peers by changing their attitudes, values, or behavior.Theoretical Framework:Peer pressure is common issue in the world which several of teenager’s susceptibility to peer pressure on their decision. Sometimes peer pressure negatively and sometimes positively. Many of parents worry about their teenagers from negative peer pressure.   The purpose of this study to know how peer pressure influence on teenagers’ decision. Moreover, there are factors lead to make teenager more susceptibility to peer pressure in their decision such as lack of confidence. Besides that, the parents should be responsibility to learn their teenager’s ethics and values. Also learn them about bad things such as smoking or taking drugs and its effects.                   Literature Review:Teenage period is the most important stages of human ‘s life. During teen years that some of important decisions should be made and may be this decision effected by their peer. During teens years peer become an essential part in teenagers’ life and they become more susceptible to peer pressure. Peer pressure often associated with adolescence and influence in teenager’s decision. Decisions among teens and peer reassure has a very strong relationship, and mostly a negative one (“Science of Decision Making and Peer Pressure | Scholastic: NIDA,” 2015). Moreover, teenagers are more subspecialties than adult in bad decisions and behavior such as taking drugs (Gerdner,2005, p.625). Many of people think that peer pressure influence on adolescence decisions is bad (Barker,2017). Besides that, Peers effect is not all of time a bad thing and affected both negatively and positively (“Peer Pressure: Its Influence on Teens and Decision Making | Scholastic: Nida,” 2008). In addition, several of parents worry about their adolescence and they believe peers are the biggest effect on adolescent decisions (Barker,2017; Shaikh,2017). Steinberg’s (1987) study found the following:  teenager who are living in single parent are more susceptible to peer pressure than teenagers who living with both natural parents. In this study, compared between teenagers from different ages from three type of family structure include natural parents, mother alone, and divorce parents. The result of this study found teenagers who living with both natural parents were less susceptible to peer pressure than other family structures. Most of adolescent attempt to be like the group they belong such as similar behavior or similar clothes (Radwan,2017). Peer play an important role teenagers choices they make(shaikh,2017). in throughout human live decision process occurs naturally, but during teen years the brain have unique characteristics.       References:1. Albert, D., Chein, J., & Steinberg, L. (2013). The Teenage Brain. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 22(2), 114-120. doi:10.1177/09637214124713472. Barker, J. (2017). Teens and Peer Pressure. Retrieved from Bourne, H. (n.d.). Peer Pressure. Retrieved from Gardner, M., & Steinberg, L. (2005). Peer Influence on Risk Taking, Risk Preference, and Risky Decision Making in Adolescence and Adulthood: An Experimental Study. Developmental Psychology, 41(4), 625-635. doi:10.1037/0012-1649.41.4.6255. Radwan, F. 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