Introduction as I have been able to communicate and

Introduction Today’s business environment is very dynamic and thus, businesses are aware that they have to be alert to global trends so as to remain profitable and grow in an increasingly competitive market. Technology, an important aspect of the global economy, is constantly changing and expanding and this has enabled businesses to operate in a global environment. To maintain relevance and importance in this environment, professionals have to be in a position to interact with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and different parts of the world. Therefore, people with qualities, competencies, and attributes that are most valued in the workplace stand the chance to grow and advance their careers at work (Lojeski & Reilly, 2010). Personal attributes have been of great importance to me in the workplace. These skills have assisted me in my growth and development, as I have been able to communicate and associate well with my employer and customers thus helping me in building a great relationship with all people in the workplace. Some of the great personal attributes that I have amassed over the years that have become an integral part of my work are good communication skills, technical skills, professional appearance, willingness to assume responsibility, team work, problem-solving skills, loyalty, commitment, enthusiasm, a positive self-esteem, honesty and integrity. Working as a customer service rep for a jewelry company has helped me in improving my communication and interpersonal skills. I am able to communicate enthusiastically with clients, and build work relationships that are integral for the success of the organization. Through good communication skills, team work, honesty and integrity, I have been able to build a productive and harmonious relationship with customers. This has also assisted me to meet the constantly changing challenges of the workplace, build a great reputation for the organization, and thus attract new clients to the organization due to my honesty and integrity. Considering that I am also a substitute teacher, I understand the importance of maintaining a professional image, good ethics, being a good listener, and having good communication skills. Over the years, I honed and perfected these attributes and immensely benefited in the workplace. Considering that 80% of success in the workplace is attributed to having a positive attitude, maintaining a professional image has always been one of my major priorities (Chivers, 2005). I have grown to be assertive but not overly dominating, impressed clients with good communication skills, improved my decision making by adopting good moral and ethical behavior, and improved my listening skills hence improving my service delivery. All this has been instrumental as I have been proactive in assisting my supervisor as and when he is overwhelmed with work. I also assist by working as a cashier and in the office setting, and this has greatly improved my image as a team player and someone who is ever willing to assist others when need arises. However, various challenges arise at the workplace, and these include conflict within the workplace, lack of understanding between the client and myself, and too much pressure at work. These are just but a few of the problems that arise in the workplace, but the success of an employee is being level headed and knowing how to solve these issues when they arise. In my experience at work, I have come to understand the role of ethics in the decision making process. Therefore, when confronted with an issue, I consult with my supervisor and fellow employees, adhere to the organization’s rules and regulations, use my problem-solving and leadership skills, and ensure that the decision that I take is ethical in nature. These are the alternative problem solving scenarios that I employ at work to ensure that a concrete decision is arrived at when faced with a decision at work. It is true that the workplace is a very challenging environment, but the most important issue is to understand that an organization’s customer is the most important person to the organization and he or she is always correct, and thus, we should strive to meet their ever changing desires and wants.Conclusion The importance of personal attributes to the success of an employee in an organization cannot be underestimated. From self-motivation to leadership skills and teamwork, the importance of these attributes at work cannot be emphasized enough. Every employee should be aware of their importance and thus, should make it their objective to improve these skills through training and development (Kumaran, 2013). The 21st Century epitomizes the “we” workplace and thus, relationships and personal attributes are the backbone towards the success in an organization. I fully understand the importance of personal attributes in the workplace and I plan to improve my skills through training and development for a successful workplace environment. Personal attributes are integral to the development of an employee at work, and I have experienced first hand how important they are due to the upward trajectory my career has been due to the this important skill set. I would therefore implore other employees to embrace personal attributes as an important aspect of their day to day work activities.