A conglomerate of lifestyles and personalities Essay

As a new student in college you meet many people from many different walks of life. The campus is a conglomerate of lifestyles and personalities. Everyday there is someone new to meet and something new to talk about. I got to know Mark Thompson and learned a lot about him and his way of life.

Mark is a nineteen-year-old freshman from Seattle, Washington. Mark lives in Loftus Hall with many of the other freshman. The reason Mark was interested in attending Iona was the good pre-medical program. He is interested in becoming a doctor involved with sports medicine or possibly orthopedic surgery. A main reason behind Mark s interest in medicine is because Mark s father is a doctor. Mark enjoys helping people just as his father does.

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Mark has many of the common interests of college students. He enjoys music and likes to listen to all different types. He likes rap, r & b, gospel, and jazz. Mark was in his church choir and enjoyed singing. He once sang in front of seven hundred people. Mark also likes to go out to parties and clubs, and just like most other male students he enjoys the company of young college women.

Mark has a very interesting heritage. Mark s father is African American and his mother is half Portuguese. They were both involved in the medical field when they met in Milwaukee. His dad was a doctor and his mother was a nurse. Mark has two siblings, an older brother, who is twenty, and a younger sister, who is sixteen. Mark has brown hair and brown eyes and is the athletic type. He enjoys playing basketball and during high school was part of the track and cross-country teams. He received a varsity letter in these sports as a sophomore, which he stated was not easy to do in his school.

Before moving into the dormitory, Mark stayed with family in New Jersey for a few days. It was easier than moving all his things out here right before he had to be in school. As soon as Mark arrived here he had his first birthday away from home. His roommates were nice enough to take him out to Applebee s to help celebrate and feel a little more at home.

Mark is a great guy and he seems like he will enjoy every minute he spends at Iona. Mark will work hard at school and enjoy his social life. Out of all the new faces on campus, Mark is one of the best guys to meet.