INTERNAL brand values well making the keep to the



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Devonshire is
centrally located in the Braamfontien making it easy to spot
Devonshire has diverse
range of service skills within management and staff.
Devonshire attends formal team coaching
sessions at least 10 times per annum under the expert guidance of trained and
accredited business coaches. Orion Hotels has a sister division (Orion
Business Solutions), which coaches most of the teams.
Devonshire has clear
and well communicated brands values that all colleagues are take pride in.
Devonshire has strong
brand values well making the keep to the brand loyalty amongst existing and
new guests.
Devonshire has a
strong reputation within the local market and corporate and travel trade markets
for reliability, excellent service and quality.

Marketing, within local, national and international markets
could be improved  
The company’s interdepartmental communications could be
The hotel is relatively small considering the demand for
There are certain rooms that require renovations and upgrade
regarding technical equipment, such as high speed Internet access and a more
advanced data capturing system




Due to extensive
returning growth after a period of slump.
•       Competitors: no direct competition exists at present, in
terms of the five star ’boutique business property’ niche.
•       Suppliers: strong, long-term relationships established with
•       Guest Dependency: repeat corporate business based on
personal service and quality, in a small but luxurious environment.

•       Market Entry: potential for a competitive, global brand to
enter the market with a similar product.
•       Substitutes: fully furnished and serviced business
apartments offering lower daily rates.
•       Economy: recovery from slight recession may take time.