Innovation expo in my college. I did my final

Innovation in
renewable energy isn’t about tech anymore, it’s about frameworks &
regulations too. The renewable energy generation technologies are already
vanguard, together with economies of scale, will continue to abridge their
costs and attract investment. The next step for me as a research analyst is to
focus on a pro-active planning to public model frameworks on integrating “Decentralized
Energy & Storage System, Power Economics, EV Utility and their mechanisms
for ancillary services” is needed.

My own sphere of special interest
in this field began in the sophomore undergraduate year while reading a report
on EV Charging Station from “Navigant Research”. Since then, the passion made
me see the sparks a Power Economics could do while saving me from hours of
repetitive, boring works. While at the time I had no idea about the impact of
assessments, having read much about frameworks, I realized the market approach
could potentially address problems of traditional operations. The days of my
undergraduate help me to get firm grasps over the underlying principles of the
subjects and equipped with necessary prerequisites for a formal graduate
course. Beyond my inclination towards the field, the synchronization with
analytical, drawback analyzing bend of mind, bolstered to put forth my workable

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I carried out an analysis where I
could frame a Renewable Energy integration in EV charging station which analyzed
different modes of economic operations and presented it in the expo in my
college. I did my final year project on Power Electronic transformer with
integrated split battery storage using single-port platform which enhances the
charging speed of the stationary battery. This project can be further amplified
by adding additional port with universal control techniques. The more tangible
benefits have been a deeper insight of EV charging, conversion techniques,
charging stability with different battery compatibility, Port balancing
structure. This project took me to the top of the class, where it was much
appreciated by the reviewers from industries because it facilitates the
functionalities that can be found in an EV charger.