A product of a low income home Essay

In the article, “For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall” by Jason Departed, the journey of tying to get through and o manage the college lifestyle is detailed through the lives of three Texas teenagers. In the a article Departed gives the personal accounts Of young women who had promising futures who just could not seem to break the barriers of their surroundings. One girl just could not seem to GE t over an old boyfriend who ended up being counterproductive to her education.

Another was bound by family ties and felt obligated to stay close to home lest she “dessert her family. ” The I sat girl profiled in the article did not know how to handle the college experience and penultimate Ely ended up minting herself to where she could not be successful in college. The other artic clerk entitled “Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth” by Joseph E. Glitz examines the gap in aqua lilt between races, social, and financial classes, and also how much wider the gap has become me in recent years.

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Throughout the article Stilling details certain policies in America such as the GIG bill, that supposedly support the equality of opportunity in America but end up exclude Eng some group of people do to stipulations required for each policy. Together through account s from people and examples of not so equal opportunity policies, it is safe to say that these artic less agree on the notion that there is no such thing as equality of opportunity in the United Stats SE in education nor employment.

One area that the two articles compare on right off the bat is their stance on t he gap between rich and poor citizens in America. Both articles agree that the gap be teen affluent and low income Americans has increased greatly over the last few decades. After Departed explains that the gap in education between the poor and rich have increased across the e board, he goes on o state in his article that, ‘With school success and earning prospects ever MO re entwined, the consequences carry far: education, a force meant to erode class barriers, app ears to be fortifying them (Departed). Consequently this means that in today’s society without a pr proper education, specifically a college education, financial success is a very difficult goal to ache eve. At the very beginning of the article Stilling quotes President Beam’s second inaugural ad dress in which he depicts America as the premiere land of equal opportunity when he says, “We are true to our reed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anybody else, because she is an American; she is free, and she is e equal, not just in the eyes of God but also in our own (Stilling). He then goes on to say that “the GA p between aspiration and reality could hardly be wider (Stillest). ” This emphasizes the poi NT that America’s opportunities are not so equal. In today’s society it seems, albeit cliche, that t he rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, which explains the widening of the g AP. Together these woo examples in each of these papers strongly supports the statement, if you lack wealth then the dream Of education is very difficult to reach.

An area in which these papers contrast is how each article conveys their point . As mentioned in my introduction Debacle’s article utilizes examples from the live s of actual people. Whereas Stilling article uses examples from society and specific policies impel mended by the government. Both articles utilize ethos and other elements that help to estate sis their credibility as writers very well. But specifically Departed is trying to appeal to his readers sing pathos and creating an emotional tie between his readers and the girls he profiles in his a article.

For example,he makes an attempt at making an emotional connection off the bat when he gives an account of the girls circumstances. Departed states in his article that, “Angelica was a daughter of a struggling Mexican immigrant (Departed). ” He then continues in his description n by introducing the other two girls as, “Melissa, an sight-read valedictorian, seethed over he r mother’s boyfriends and drinking, and Banana’s bubbly innocence hid the trauma of her father’s death. They stuck together so much that a tutor called them the “triplets” (Departed). This helps to give the reader a taste of each of their own personal struggles while also showing that the girls used their circumstances as a connecting factor and a reason to stick together. Ho waver, Stilling uses logos more so in his article so that he can give a logical appeal and use reason ins to get his point across to his reader. For example Stilling does an excellent job of this when h e states, “Perhaps a hundred years ago, America might have rightly claimed to have been the land of opportunity, or t least a land where there was more opportunity than elsewhere (Stilling). H e then goes on to give good reasoning for this claim while also establishing his credibility when he states, “the Pew Research Center has found that some 90 percent of Americans believe the at the government should do everything it can to ensure equality Of opportunity (Stilling). ” His us e off definite statistic show that he has done his research on the topic, and that he also ha s knowledge on the topic he is discussing. The last thing that each of the articles agree on the both authors did exception anally well as conveying to the reader the difficulty of trying to obtain a quality education n as a product of a low income home.

Debacle’s use of the girls account of their strife to obtain a clear path to a bright future gives the reader good background. He then goes on to describe their struggles with college when he says, “Melissa lasted at Texas State for all of two hours” which h is just one of example of “the triplets” struggle (Departed). In turn, this shows how even after making it to college the struggle is not over. Stilling does this well also when he says, “the Ii fee prospects of an American are more dependent on the income and education Of his parents the an in almost any other advanced country for which there is data (Stilling). This means that eve n if the student has the will to achieve greater goals than students that are more affluent, he is still I weighed down by the fact that he comes from a low income household. So in summary these articles each agree in content on the idea that equal pop opportunity does not exist in the United States. Debacle’s use of personal accounts of those e who have experienced this first hand, and Stilling use of explanations and integrations o f supposed equal opportunity policies, give finite support to the argument that minorities and I rower Income families are still at a disadvantage in today’s society.

The use of these technique SE lit mutely inform the reader of the problems and disadvantages minorities face. Departed Article Summary Education is becoming a more and more pressing problem in America. In the article, “For poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall,” Jason Departed describes the lie fee of three girls who go on a journey to obtain a quality education. In Galveston, Texas there lie eves three girls by the name of Angelica Gonzales, Melissa O’Neal, and Bianca Gonzalez. Each on e striver to be better than their parents.

Angelica was the daughter of a struggling Mexican I immigrant. Bianca had to raise her younger siblings due to her father’s untimely passing. Melissa had to deal with a alcoholic mother and her string of alcoholic boyfriends. All three overcame the Eire initial adversity and made it through high school. Bianca ended up attending community Cole GE near home. Melissa traveled to former united States president Lyndon B. Johnny’s alma mater, Texas State. Angelica traveled to Georgia to attend Emory University. However once the trip o reached college heir circumstances was too great for them.

Melissa could not achieve her full potential because she was stuck on an old boyfriend. After Banana’s grandfather passed she felt that she would be abandoning her family if she transferred to a four year university. Due to miss immunization left Angelica with a plethora of debt issues and having to work more than study. Stilling Article Summary America is still considered by many to be a land of great opportunity compare d to most other nations. Joseph Stilling is not one of those in the majority. In the article ” Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth,” Joseph E.

Stilling profiles education in Aimer ca and the increase in its importance. Stilling believes that the popular slogan, “America, t he Land of Opportunity” was once true. However that has changed over the last couple o f decades. Stilling says the gap between the affluent and low income has become increasingly w did over that time. According to a study done by the pew Research Center, about ninety percent of Americans feel that the government should be responsible for ensuring the equality of poor tuning. However some feel as thou that would make America a socialist nation.