Information technology & strategy Essay

The reason for this research is to carry out an analysis of eBay Inc. With concentration on the relationship between its information technology and its strategy. The research contains an analysis of the company’s e-Business activities and its business operations. The report started with a general overview of eBay Inc. Where the company’s history was briefly stated. Its resources, products and competitors were also described. The company’s general environment were described and analyzed. Thereafter, its competitive context was examined from the standpoint of its SOOT analysis.

Its market and financial positions were also examined and evaluated. Further analysis was done by examining the eBay Inc. ‘s engagement in the e-business industry. Its business model was analyzed and its impact on the company’s operations and revenue was examined as well. This was done in the light of Don Rape (2010)g’s theory of business model. In addition, the impact of the internet on eBay Inc. ‘s operations was examined in the light of theories by Carr (2003), Porter (2001) and Rape (2010). The shifts in its strategy in response to the challenges in the internet technology market were also assessed and discussed.

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The report concluded with a brief review of the analysis and the result derived from it. The result sort to determine whether the future of the company is guaranteed in its industry market; in other words, if it will not be overwhelmed by the challenges in its industry and its market at large. EBay Inc. Is the owner of the popular eBay. Mom, which is an online auction and shopping website where lots of people and businesses buy & sell efferent varieties of goods & services worldwide. EBay is world’s largest online marketplace (abeyance. Com, 2011). In addition to eBay. Com, the company also has other subsidiaries such as papal, kiwi and other e- commerce online sites with which it uses to facilitate business transaction via the internet. EBay Inc. And its subsidiaries provide online marketplace for the sales of goods and services, online payments services, and online communication offerings to people and businesses worldwide.

It uses the internet as its basic distribution channel.Pierre Midair, a software developer with Calais developing software for Apple computers, founded the company, eBay Inc in San Jose, California in 1995. It was originally called ‘Auctioneer’ but the name was later changed to eBay. The company started at the outset with the listing of a single broken laser pointer which Pierre intended to be a test more than a serious offer to sell at auction. But, to his surprise, the item sold for $14. 83 and the buyer was an antique collector.

This gave birth to the company in 1 995; and by 1 996 the company had grown large enough to become an household name in the LISA. Jeffrey Skill, an MBA graduate from Stanford University joined the company in 1 996 to become its CEO. Thereafter Meg Whitman, an Harvard University graduate took over as its CEO in 1998; and John Donahue, an MBA graduate from Stanford Business School, took over in 2008 (Aaron Hoist, about. Com, 201 1). According to Sandmen Garnishment’s (2004), eBay thrived with exponential growth and strong branding, thus, was able to outpace & also outlast many other auction sites that are available at that time.