In War. It is accustomed today to state that

In the years prior the Civil War, United
States seemed to be split between North and South. Both part of the U.S.
developed along the poles apart paths. The South stayed largely
agrarian, while the North came to be more and more industrial. The dissimilarities
in the economies led to the developing poles apart political beliefs along with
social structure and culture.  Disagreements
and tensions on issues such as states’ rights, slavery, taxes, and tariffs increased
progressively and caused the Civil War.

It is
accustomed today to state that the Civil war was fought over the issue of
slavery. I agree with Robert E. Lee,
who said, “This war is not about slavery.” Without a doubt, there were numerous
contributing factors, besides the slavery that triggered the war. Among the
political causes was the issue of sovereign state’s rights versus federal
government power. In addition, there were the disagreements over the issue of
tariffs and taxes along with poles apart commercial interests of the North and

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Another cause
of Civil War was the increasing differences in economies of the North and the
South that brought both part of the United States more and more apart. Because
of the industrialization and the urbanization, North went through the social restructuration that catalyzed such the
reformists’ movement as abolitionism which was questing for the emancipation of
slaves. The South, on the other hand, was conservative in the social structure,
up keeping the feudal society. Furthermore, North went through the Industrial
Revolution and swift entrepreneurial grows, while the South kept being mostly
agricultural and grew at much slower rate.


As the U.S.
expanded and gained new territories after Mexican – American War, the boiling
issue of slavery debate heightened. Pro- and
anti-slavery groups clashed in arguments over the status of the new
territories. What’s more, the new abolitionist’s political party, the
Republican Party, emerged. In addition, its candidate, Abraham Lincoln won the
presidency in 1860 on the platform of preventing the spread of slavery into the
new territories.

In response
to the situation that came to existence after the presidential election, South
Carolina seceded from the Union on December 24, 1860. Other Sothern slave-holding
states followed in withdrawing from the Union. The secessions brought about a
war between the Northern and Southern states.  The Civil War broke out in which the
Northerners fought to preserve the Union, while the Southerners fought to create
independent confederation of states under its own constitution.