In United State to apply for Ph.D. at Sanford


            In old days even before 1900. people had an idea converting cars to
electric cars, but they never succeeded. But Elon Musk is transforming the
world and the way we live today to a fictional world. I would say, that was
what the world claimed him before he invented electric car company called
Tesla.  The first electric car company
which had ever succeeded. He is Elon Musk, He
was born in South Africa but he moved to Canada
and United State for his educational proposes. According to Elon Musk (2017), the founder Elon Musk
founded the following: PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop, SolarCity,
OpenAI, The Boring Company, Neuralink, Zip2 and
founder of many other new ideas. He is an inventor who always comes out with a
new idea he invents things as an occupation. He was very smart at his early
age; at age of ten he taught himself programming and created a game called
Blaster (Elon Musk, 2017) and
sold it for five hundred dollars, that was his beginning
and it led him to become one of the richest tech billionaires in the world by today. Unfortunorlty
things didn’t go as planned he had to go
through a lot of struggle and complains. I would like to focus on three major aspects
of his life his life challenges he has gone through to come this far, his biggest accomplishments, and some of his mind-blowing
future goals. The main reason why I chose
him because I’m also very curious to know how things work….and
that’s when I discovered that I loved this technological
world. He is trying to make the world better place.

            Most of the people would talk only
about who he is today but if we look
closer his past is so dark. He had to go through a lot of challenges and failures in his entire journey. He was a very smart kid. According to (2017) at age of ten, he developed a deep interest in computer
programming. Later he created a game called Blasted which he sold it for five
hundred dollars at age twelve (, 2017). Unfortunately, meanwhile,
his parents got divorced. But it did not stop his journey. He moved to United
State to apply for Ph.D. at Sanford University. It didn’t take too long him to
decide that Ph.D. was not for him. According to (2017) after two
days of admission, he dropped out of the university and started to try out his new
idea of how people can safely buy and sell online. He came out with PayPal
which allows people to buy and sell online safely without worrying about
personal information (, 2017). But
later he ended up getting kicked out by the company he created himself.
Management board decided he was not the right person to run the company
(, 2017). At this time his first born baby passed away after 10
days of his birth as a result of a syndrome called the Sudden Infant Death
Syndrome. This created a big impact on him and made him divorce his first wife
it led him to depression. We can imagine how it’s like losing your first
newborn baby. Even though he led to depression he never stopped his journey, he
had already made millions from the old company. so he created two major
companies.   Tesla which makes electric
cars and on the other hand rocket making company called SpaceX. Unfortunately,
his first three rocket launches failed and exploded causing a loss of millions.
As a result of that, both of his companies were running out of cash. This was
the time he had to face so many disapproval. Some reporters said that “He was a
big money gambler who played with other people’s money and tried to accomplish
his childish dreams.”. In addition, after he creating Tesla, a lot of people thought
he would never be succeeded because he was kept failing and there was no
electric car company which had ever succeeded.

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            In the
second stage, his years of hard work begins to pay off. The project that was
very close to his heart barely escaped bankruptcy when his 4th
rocket launch was finally succeeded. An hours before Tesla was about to close
down he received an investment. After kept failing and had gone through a lot
of challenges and failures he accomplished one of his biggest goals was creating
the first electric car company ever succeeded. He was completely involved in
the design of Tesla Motors’ first electric sports car named “Tesla Roadster”.
Eventually, it made him received 2006 ‘Global Green’ product design award for
his ‘Tesla Roadster’. This was presented by Mikhail Gorbachev, the president of
Soviet Union. His Next biggest achievement was SpaceX, it stands for Space
Exploration Technologies. It took him years to develop the company. On 25 May 2012,
SpaceX made the history as the first commercial company to launch and dock an
vehicle to International Space Station. As I mentioned before his first three
rockets launch failed and exploded. Even at this moment, he motivated his entire
company saying “Look We are going to do this. It’s going to be okay. Don’t
freak out.”. A person needs courage and patience to achieve their goals. We can
clearly see he has a personality that if he starts something he would never
stop until he accomplishes his goal, he proves that determination and hard work
is the key to the success.




            In the third
stage if we take a look at his future ideas and goals we would definitely think
he is gone mad. But all his achievements already made him a unique person who
thinks differently. One of his future goal which he has already started working
on it. It’s called Hyperloop. ” Hyperloop is very high-speed transportation
technology, it’s based on the very high-speed transit (VHST) system proposed in
1972 which combine a magnetic levitation train and a low-pressure transit
tube.”. This is completely self-sustaining technology which the system can process
itself without external support. Nowadays most accidents were caused by humans
but this is completely managed by a computer system so there will be no
accidents in the future.His next future goal is, planning to build colonies on
Mars, he is planning to set up a greenhouse on Mars. He also has started
working on it, one of his stated goals, make this happen by providing Mars transportation
by using his rockets at SpaceX. He also has mentioned that “SpaceX aims to put
the first human on Mars by 2024.”. His next goal is so interesting, he is
thinking of replacing his rocket fleet with next-generation spacecraft travel
location. That means people can travel to Earth-Moon-Mars.According to the article,
people could travel anywhere on earth within an hour. And the most surprising fact
is that its only costs you the same price of the economy in an aircraft.

            In conclusion,
I would say Elon Musk is a person with a heart. Even though he had to struggle
in the beginning, his courage and determination made him a successful person.
His new ideas completely change the way we live today.  Tesla electric cars make the world a healthy place
that there is no toxic material.  He keeps
continuing to follow his goals which would change the world to a better place
so we wouldn’t have to worry about taking worthy risks. SolarCity and hyperloop
help us move away from using fossil fuel. People would complain him saying he
has crazy ideas, but I would say he is a person with a heart.