In to involve themselves into entrepreneurial activities. The Smith-Hughes


                   In this industry talk, most
of the presenter are talking about agricultural entrepreneur. Before we discuss
about the agriculture entrepreneur, we need to know what agriculture is and how
agriculture mixed with entrepreneur. What is agriculture?

is the cultivation and breeding of animals, plants and fungi for food, biofuel,
medicinal plants, fibre and other products used to sustain and enhance human life.
Agriculture was the key development in the human civilization which create food
for human basic need——food. The study of agriculture is also known as
agriculture science. The history of agriculture can go back to about thousands
of years and it is defined by different cultures, climate and technologies. By
using the advance technologies such as plant breeding, agrochemicals like
pesticides and fertilizers, it make sure the agriculture is sharply enhance.

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                   The major agriculture
product are divided into foods, fibre, fuels, and raw materials. For the food,
it is including the cereals (grains), vegetables, fruits, oils, meats and
spices. Fibre include wool, cotton, silk, hemp and flax and raw materials
include bamboo and lumber. There are also some useful materials that produced
by the plant such as dyes, resins, drugs, perfumes, ornamental product and also
biofuels. There is about one third of the world’s worker that is related to the
agriculture area, second only to the service area.

                   Entrepreneur is a person who
organizes and manages a business that is undertaking, and the person need to
able to take the risk for the sake of profit. The person who starts and
operates a business is also call an entrepreneur. If we combine the word
“agriculture” and also “entrepreneur”, it will become agriculture. Therefore,
the meaning of “agriculture entrepreneur” is a person who operates a business
that is related to agriculture. In this modern era, there are a lot of
agricultural students who starts to involve themselves into entrepreneurial

                     The Smith-Hughes Act of
1917 (formally National Vocational
Education Act which provided federal funding for agricultural programs)
required all students to have and entrepreneurship program, but usually they
weren’t called themselves an entrepreneur. They are some different names for
there early entrepreneurship programs such as Farming Program, Productive or
Production Entrepreneurs and Ownership. Today, the agriculture students are
involved in many different types of entrepreneurial activities. The agriculture
entrepreneurship is to operates and assumes financial risks in the
entrepreneurial activities or agriculture business. In this entrepreneurship
programs, the entrepreneur own the materials and other required inputs and
keeps financial records to determine the return to investments.